The ocean, the river, and the mountain

Stone candies by Cineca



電影《潛水鐘與蝴蝶》的主人翁因車禍導致全身癱瘓,唯一能動的左眼,成為了他唯一的溝通工具。他眨著眼睛,運用著他獨特的語言系統,撰寫了個人自傳。 和菓子品牌Cineca的主理人Mio Tsuchiya,對這電影印象深刻,電影裡,她看到了語言的力量。 語言,有時重如岩石,有時輕如細沙,同一句說話,有時擲地有聲,有時卻隨風飄去。差異未必在說話者,而是在接收者。

Mio Tsuchiya將這感受演作為和菓子,名為 a piece of。a piece of,一顆顆的小石頭,在Mio Tsuchiya的想像裡,它們有的來自海,有的來是河流,有的來是山。石頭不頑固,放進口裡便立時溶化,海洋流散出迷迭香的香氣,河流是櫻花,山巒則是薑。小石頭根據它們的來歷,給分配到不同的盒子裡。盒子造得簡約美麗,一邊壓印上 a piece of的名字,一邊則壓了簡單的三道線,象徵著河、海、山,組在一起,就像在告訴裡,盒內盛載的,是一片河,一片海,或一片山。

現世裡,太多的爭論與齟齬,若言語真如石頭,在我們彼此互擲之時,望擲過來的也如 a piece of,看來再堅硬的,都是甜美的。

Cineca’s candies are either inspired by cinema or other stories. By blending dramatic scenes of movies into a subtle taste that is not overly sweet, Cineca offers candies that can spark imagination, and in turn, create another story. 
In The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, the protagonist suffers a massive stroke that left him with a condition known as locked-in syndrome. He is almost completely paralyzed, the only body part that he can move is his left eye, which has become his only means of communication. He integrates his unique way of communication into the way of blinking and writes an autobiography by blinking his left eye. Mio Tsuchiya, the founder of the wagashi brand Cineca, was very impressed by the movie, especially by how it depicts the power of language. Language can be as heavy as a boulder or as light as sand, the same words can sometimes have a powerful effect or leave no traces at all at other times. The difference could be attributed to the listener instead of the speaker sometimes.
Tsuchiya conveyed her thoughts through her a piece of wagashi series that features candies with the appearance of pebbles. In Tsuchiya’s imagination, these stone-like candies are originated from the ocean, the river, or the mountains. These pebbles are not as stubborn as they look; instead, they would melt once landed on your tongue. The ocean pebbles gently release a rosemary flavor, the river pebbles is the taste of cherry blossom, while the mountain pebbles are revealed as ginger candies. The pebble candies are sorted according to their origins, and placed in a simple yet beautiful box. On one side of the box is press printed with the product name “a piece of”; on the other side, also press printed, are three lines that represent the ocean, the river, and the mountain. These three lines show the three elements contained in the small box.


Our world is filled with disputes and conflicts. If words are like stones, I wish the words that we exchange can be like the stones from a piece of; regardless of the appearance, they always taste sweet.