The Unobtrusive Design



Sogu似乎大部分產品都以「不起眼」作為設計重點,例如Paper Server,A4或A5的大小,以單薄的鋼金钃造成,高度剛好足夠放上100張印刷用的白紙。產品的用途只是為了讓桌面變整齊,它好好地完成了這任務後,就不作多餘事,存在感極低。名為9°Book Stopper,則是一個小巧的書立,墊在書籍之下,因為9°的傾斜,使書籍化身為書立了。Formless Hanger的材料是金钃及樹脂,金钃管作為衣架的底部,因為整體的支架都用柔軟的樹脂造成,能依著衣服的形態、重量改變形狀,因此不會使衣服變形。

現時Sogu的所有出品,均於其母公司Y Design的網路商店發售。


When shopping in a stationery shop, I was absolutely delighted to discover the magnet pieces newly launched by the stationary brand Sogu. The magnets are sold in a box of ten, each of them is merely 4.5 mm with a shape that resembles a mini screw. On the back of the package, there is a short product description that says the main selling point is its unobtrusive design. I always admire Japanese designs which are intentionally unobtrusive; they are designed in such a subtle way that would not disrupt the vibe of your home.

Most of the products by Sogu have an emphasis on an “unobtrusive” design, here are some good examples. Their steel paper tray, named “Paper Server” that comes in A4 or A5 size, has a height just enough to fit 100 pieces of printer paper. The only use of this product is to keep the desk organized; it has no intention to catch any unnecessary attention at all. The “9°Book Stopper” is a tiny metal piece that tilts a book at a 9-degree angle so this book can become a bookend itself. The “Formless Hanger” is mainly made from resin with a metal tube as the base. Thanks to the bendable nature of the resin, the shape of the hanger could easily adapt to the form and weight of the clothes, without altering the original structure of the garment.

Sogu’s products can all be found in the online shop of its parent company Y Design.