To awaken our senses



和泉侃經常將香氣應用在自己的裝置及空間藝術之中,在5月末時,他更發表了他首個香氣產品的品牌「IZUMI KAN」。IZUMI KAN以「感覺的甦醒」作為概念,透過將香氣引進日常生活之中,使生活更為豐盛。

IZUMI KAN分為衣、住、食三大主題。衣,是指能配合時裝的香水;住,則是置於室內使用的白色香枝,以及鋁金屬香座;而食,是指能吃進肚內,無任何農藥的食用香氣製品,這個將於九月時才發表。

日本兵庫縣的淡路島,是日本線香的主要產生,全國有70%的線香,都是生產於此,而IZUMI KAN的產品亦將交由當地的職人製造。

I’ve always found smell the most powerful sense among the five. You can forget how things look, how things sound, but the memory of smell would take root in every single cell of our body. When you get to smell it once again, the pictures that were hidden somewhere in your mind would all come back vividly. The artist Kan Izumi said, “The indispensable moments in our life all originate from smell.” Fragrance gives a certain vibe to the trivial things in a space or everyday life. It moves our emotion, it constructs our memory, it shapes a unique moment.

Fragrance is widely used in Izumi’s installation and space art. Towards the end of May, Izumi finally launched his first IZUMI KAN fragrance collection. Using “the awakening of senses” as the creative concept, he tries to add color to the daily life by introducing fragrance to it.

The IZUMI KAN fragrance has three themes — “WEARABLE” is the fragrance to match with fashion, “INTERIOR” is a set of white color incense stick that comes with an aluminium holder, “EDIBLE”, which is to be launched in September, is a collection of edible fragrance that does not contain any pesticide.

Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture is home to the biggest production of the Japanese incense stick, contributing to 70% of the national consumption. IZUMI KAN’s products are also made by artisans in this area.