Two friends. Their Envelope Poems.

tsukimorifumi & kamigoto


The two were brought together by their mutual love for paper.

從13歲起寫詩,20歲開始攝影,以筆名月森文(tsukimorifumi)在網絡上發表日記般的小詩與照片。在神戶一家紙品antique shop工作了五年,一次在朋友的婚禮上認識了kamigoto,這個同樣喜歡紙而在柏林學了南德中世紀的紙張上色技術「Kleisterpapier」。



tsukimorifumi began writing poems at the age of 13 and taking photographs at the age of 20. In fact, tsukimorifumi is the pen name that she uses when sharing her diary-style short poems and photography on the internet. She also spent five years working in a shop in Kobe that sells vintage and antique paper products. One day in a friend’s wedding banquet, she got to meet kamigoto, another paper lover who went to Berlin to learn the Kleisterpapier technique of making colored paper which originates from Southern Germany during the Middle Ages.

Some sparks just come unwarned and expectedly. At a certain subtle moment, the spark would slowly glow brighter and brighter.

tsukimorifumi said, “Small things like paper cannot be everlasting, but they all stand for universes that contain eternal beauty. As time goes by, they have the power to change the vibe of a room.” It just sounded like she was talking about something more than mere paper.

半年前我去京都旅行,只在大阪短留一天,出發前收到月森文的郵件,裡頭有一本她去年出版的zine,還夾了一張邀請函,一片透明軟膠上寫著〈Envelope Poems〉,原來她將要舉行的展覽就在我在大阪的那天。最後卻因為颱風而錯過了。

展覽名字源自美國詩人Emily Elizabeth Dickinson的《Envelope Poems》,她在kamigoto家裡首次讀到時,覺得大概像命運般形容著他倆。之後她去了荷蘭旅行,在跳蚤市集巧遇了一套年代久遠的信封與信紙,雖然是舊物卻很完好。回來後便決定由kamigoto寫字,在舊信封上抄寫她的詩。

I had the plan of briefly staying in Osaka for only one day when I traveled to Kyoto six months ago. Before setting off, I received a mail that tsukimorifumi sent together with a zine she published last year, as well as an invitation card — a transparent piece of plastic card that has the words “Envelope Poem” printed on it. Then I realized I actually would be in Osaka on the same day of her exhibition. However, I eventually missed it because of the typhoon.

The title of the show was taken from the book by American poet Emily Elizabeth Dickinson called Envelope Poems which she read for the first time at kamigoto’s home. This book title has perhaps built the foundation of their relationship. Afterward, when she was traveling in the Netherlands, she saw in a flea market a set of vintage envelopes and letter papers still in exceptionally good condition. When she came back from her trip, they decided to have kamigoto to hand write her poems on the envelopes.

Envelope Poems5



The exhibition is basically a dialogue between the two that can be hardly understood by others. As if entering other’s room by accident, it is impossible to fully understand someone else’s world. But then why does that matter at all?

The envelopes and the poems; the others and yourself.
Can the relationship you build with others bring you somewhere further?