10¹² TERRA

A dose of green within geometric blocks

作為生命的最基本單位,每個人平均有37.2兆個細胞,而光是每天的細胞變化,就已經有1兆次之多。這種不著痕跡的變化,每天都在人體內激烈上演著,而這概念正好被來自日本的花器品牌「10¹² TERRA」借為己用。

創辦於2010年的「10¹² TERRA」,由年輕設計師妻沼大介、山田研一共同成立,品牌名字裡的數學方根「10的12次方」,來源自每天人體細胞的新生變化數量;以細胞的新生變化,喻作為品牌設計中更新的生命與創作力。在品牌的花器設計中,主要分為乾花和水培植物兩大類,其不似傳統花道或一般的插花藝術,不講求簇擁繁盛的畫面,反倒每個容器只專注去表現出單株植物的美態,並以全方位的透明設計,細意地呈現出植物的靜美狀態。

以上畫面中的花器,分別是Hydro、Argyle、Flower Vase、Showcase和Showcase Long等,其中除了方正外形設計的花器,也有如Flower Vase等的多邊形花器,而唯一貫穿每個設計的特點,在於「10¹² TERRA」皆強調精簡的線條,以及容器的澄明清澈,其帶來一種現代機能美學的同時,也展現出一幀詩性的耽美風景。

Everyone, on average, has 37.2 trillion cells, the most basic unit of life. The number of changes in cells alone a day come to 1 trillion in total. Such unnoticeable changes occur vigorously inside our body, and it so happens that 10¹² TERRA, a Japanese brand, has borrowed this concept for its own use.

10¹² TERRA was co-founded by young designers Daisuke Tsumanuma and Kenichi Yamada in 2010. The power in Mathematics, “ten to the power of twelve”, of the brand name is inspired by the number of cells produced per day inside our bodies, comparing the birth of new cells to the renewal of life and creative power in its product design. The case designs under the brand are mainly divided into two types, one for dry flowers and the other for hydroponic plants. Unlike the traditional and ordinary art of flower arrangement, it does not devote much attention to creating a thriving scene of abundance. Rather, every container focuses only on representing the beauty of a single flower. In addition, with its all around transparent design, it is able to showcase the silent beauty of plants in a delicate manner.

The flower cases shown here are respectively Hydro, Argyle, Flower Vase, Showcase and Showcase Long. Apart from rectangular shaped ones, some are polygon-shaped, such as Flower Vase. The only shared feature among them is their stress on simplified outline, as well as their clean transparency. Not only do they showcase a kind of modern functional beauty, they also present a poetic scene of aesthetic beauty.