EM77 Vacuum

A household name in Scandinavia


相比起亞熱帶地區,高緯度國家如北歐對熱飲需求更大,保溫壺產品自是當地生活的標準配備。而在云云眾多保溫壺的設計中,曾榮獲ID Prize大獎、iF Design Award和Danish Design Award等獎項,首度生產於1970年代的EM77 Vacuum保溫壺,就肯定是北歐家庭中曝光率最高的一隻。

由來自哥本哈根的Erik Magnussen設計,EM77 Vacuum外形風格極為洗鍊,除身材圓潤的瓶身外,頂端突出的鳥嘴,或瓶身伸出的手把,均具備流暢弧線感,帶來一種優雅靜美的氛圍。而想當然地,EM77 Vacuum優點可不止於外型,其內部結構之精良,也是這支保溫壺使人驚豔的地方。

在使用一般的保溫壺產品時,通常都需要開合的動作,可EM77 Vacuum的獨特滑蓋設計,只需要傾鈄瓶身即可均勻倒水;倒水後放回水平角度,旋蓋又即與瓶身密合,保存壺內溫度。而如果想要清洗瓶子的話,也只需要按著瓶身上的黑色按鈕,即可拆解整支保溫壺方便清理。此外,EM77 Vacuum使用傳統的玻璃內膽設計,除了比不鏽鋼製的保溫時間更長,同時也不怕產生化學作用,無論是茶飲、湯水和咖啡,都能夠無顧慮地暢快飲用。

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On a cold, windy day in winter, there is nothing more gratifying than having a hot drink. Even if you aren’t thirsty, you would still want to treat the cup of hot drink as a heating pad by holding it in your palms, so as to enjoy some warmth brought by the temperature gap.

Compared to sub-tropical areas, high-latitude countries, such as Scandinavia, have a larger demand for hot drinks, and vacuum flask products have naturally become a standard companion in the daily life of locals. Among the good many vacuum flask designs, the most popular one among Scandinavian families is without doubt this EM77 Vacuum jug, which was first manufactured in the 1970s and has garnered awards including ID Prize, iF Design Award and Danish Design Award in 2007.

Designed by Erik Magnussen from Copenhagen, EM77 Vacuum boasts an extremely refined outlook and style. Except for its cylindrical jug body, both its beak-like spout sticking out from the top and the handle attached to the body have a smooth curved outline that gives it an air of elegance and tranquility. Certainly, its merits go beyond its appearance. The exceptional quality of its inner structure is also what captures people’s imagination.

Usually, the use of regular thermos flasks involves the action of opening and closing. However, with EM77 Vacuum’s unique rocker stopper design, you only need to tilt the flask when pouring. The lid will fit tightly again with the body right after it is returned to horizontal level, thereby maintaining the temperature inside the jug. If you want to clean it, all you need to do is press the black button on its body for taking it apart for the convenience of cleaning. In addition, EM77 Vacuum uses the traditional glass insert design. Not only does it provide insulation for a longer time than its stainless steel counterpart, it is also free of risks of chemical reactions. Thus, you can drink to your heart’s content without any worries no matter if it is tea, hot water or coffee.

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