It's my knife.


作為子品牌,FEDECA推出之刀具不強調傳統刃物的精緻,而把產品重心投放在「自力製作」和「切割趣味」兩大元素,鼓勵大家製作、擁有一把小刀,並掌握切割和刀削等運用小刀的基本技巧。上頭的「It’s my knife」組裝品包是FEDECA的主打商品,分別提供刀刃、刀柄及皮革刀套等部件,讓使用者可以輕鬆組裝刀刃,此外也可以在刀柄的打磨、加工及保養上多費心思,增加個人工具的辨識度。製工與使用方面,「It’s my knife」的刀刃由安來鋼打造,材質容易打磨,時刻保持鋒利,而用作為簡單的木工,切紙和削鉛筆等用途都綽綽有餘。

如果你也想認識刀刃的魅力但無從開始,不妨把目標自先定在「It’s my knife」,一次獲取從組裝、使用,以及保養一把小刀的趣味,肯定可以同時加強你對刀具的認識與熱情。

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Kanzawa, the predecessor of Kanzawa Works co., Ltd, was first established in 1895, the 28th year of the Meiji era, in Miki city of the Banshu region, which is best known for blacksmithing. It is a cutlery manufacturer boasting a long history in Japan, and since its establishment, it has forged Japanese style cutlery with an aim to “pass on the culture of wood and steel”. Today, in the 21st century, Kanzawa still continues to make cutlery, but at the same time, they are also aware of the social atmosphere at present. The general public no longer have a good understanding of cutlery. Instead, more often than not, they try to equate knives with danger or violence. As a result, the injustice that has fallen upon this proper tool remains unredressed. FEDECA, a separate new brand created by Kanzawa, aims to turn around this atmosphere by letting the general public gain a renewed understanding of the appeals of knives.

As a sub-brand under Kanazawa, FEDECA does not emphasize on the sophistication of traditional knives in its cutlery products; rather, they focus on two major elements, namely “it’s fun to cut” and “create your own”, encouraging everyone to make and own a small knife, and to master the basic skills of using a small knife, such as cutting and peeling. The “It’s my knife” package shown above – the signature product under FEDECA – comes with parts such as blades, handle, and leather cover for users to easily assemble their own knife. In addition, users can also pour more effort into sharpening, processing and preserving their knife so as to enhance their understanding of personal tools. As for its production and usage, the blades of “It’s my knife” are forged with Yasugi steel, which makes for easy sharpening, thereby enabling you to keep your knife sharp at all times. The tool is also more than capable of serving such purposes as woodwork, cutting papers or sharpening pencils.

If you are curious about the appeals of knives and have no idea where to start, why don’t you start with “It’s my knife”? You can embrace the fun of assembling, using and preserving a small knife all at once while there is no doubt you can enhance your understanding and passions of knives at the same time. ​

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