Fun Soy

Soy Sauce from the United Kingdom


Fun Soy是一個來自英國醬油品牌,以日本醬油為基調、同時標榜英國製造,似乎是英國人祟尚異國菜的又一例證。Fun Soy現推出三款不同口味的醬油,其分別為「Truffle」,「Lemongrass」和「Chipotle」;「Truffle」是Fun Soy最先推出的口味,顧名思義,擁有濃厚的黑松露口味,其原料由威爾特郡、什羅浦郡等地取得,曾獲得英國「The Guild of Fine Food」的點名讚賞,特別適宜配著紅肉、蔬菜和澱粉類主食;至於「Lemongrass」和「Chipotle」則是緊接其後所推出的口味,前者由冷壓方式榨取,即用慢速刀片以分解、萃取出香茅的精華,至於後者則是強調辣味的醬油,以煙薰、磨碎過後的墨西哥辣椒為原料;其三款口味均強調低鈉份量,應該是對饞嘴人士的健康之選。

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British cuisine has always been a target for ridicule by gourmets. Flip open any local food guides or healthy lunch menus for students, then you will find that the British are more passionate about foreign dishes than with their traditional British cuisine. They are used to making Chinese Indian, or Italian dishes , and the extensive variety of tastes and flavors on offer testify to the national power of a former colonizer with a global reach.

Fun Soy is a British soy sauce brand which uses Japanese soy sauce as the base while stressing its products are all made in the United Kingdom. It seems to be another testimony to the British’s love for foreign cuisines. The brand has so far released soy sauce of three different flavors, namely “Truffle”, “Lemongrass” and “Chipotle”. Truffle has been the first flavor hitting the market, and as its name suggests, it carries rich and strong flavors of black truffle, with ingredients sourced from the counties of Wiltshire and Shropshire. This soy sauce, which once earned the praise from The Guild of Fine Food in the UK, is best paired with red meat, vegetables and starch staples. As for the Lemongrass and Chipotle flavors that have been released later, the former uses the method of cold-press which breaks down and extracts the essence of lemongrass with cutting blade at a slow speed; the latter is a type of soy sauce special for its spicy flavors with Mexican smoked and grinded chili among its ingredients. All three flavors highlight their low sodium content, and should therefore be healthy options for food lovers.

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