Helios Elegant Vacuum Flask

The meaning of century-old classics



The functions of a vacuum flask remain essentially the same despite possible variations. However, it is a different story when it comes to picking one with an outlook that pleases your eyes. In an earlier article, we introduced vacuum flasks manufactured by Camel, a Hong Kong brand, which has maintained consistently high standards for more than half a century. Camel’s vacuum flasks are unanimously regarded by Hong Kong locals as great household companions. When it comes to Europe, however, the equivalence is undoubtedly vacuum flasks invented by Helios, a German brand, in 1909. Not only are they widely loved by the public, they are also items well-loved by Lufthansa, as well as high-end hotels under Hilton and Sheraton.

Helios’ Elegance series features glass inner flasks, which are made using a production technology used also by Camel. They are vulnerable to vigorous shaking and collision. Even though such flasks are heavier and less convenient than their steel counterparts, medical information made available in recent years reveals that tiny holes on the surface of steel can easily gather dirt, and may also affect the taste of drinks. In this sense, they pale in comparison to those using the glass inner flask technology from earlier generations. As for the Elegance series’s most appealing design feature, it is beyond doubt its signature teacup shaped lid as well as its smooth and glossy coating in a variety of colors. The rich vintage style it carries prompts me to rethink the meaning of the Chinese expression “century-old classics”. I have come to realize that designs that linger in our memory already existed as early as more than a century ago.