Established in 1904, ITOYA is a long-standing stationery store situated in the Ginza district in Tokyo. Having had a major renovation a few years ago, this century-old historic store has been transformed into a stationery-themed department store. Within the floors of this grand 12-storey building, not only do they sell high-class stationery products of various brands, they also feature products under their own brands. A case in point is the best-selling “helvetica” collection manufactured by ITOYA itself.

Well-loved by global brands including Apple, MUJI and 3M, “helvetica” is a classic typeface often being referred to as “transparent container” for its simplicity that makes for easy reading. The “helvetica” stationery collection, which ITOYA named after the font, has dutifully inherited its style of transparency. Items such as pencils, ball pens and folders in the collection are especially suitable for use in the office. Apart from using the actual helvetica typeface in its products, the products themselves are also relatively low-key and practical in style, being exquisite, yet without bordering on extravagance or showiness. True to the font’s style, the stationery items do not steal the show, thereby enabling you to stay focused while burying yourselves in work. If you are a fan of high-quality stationery products, but prefer those without excessive design features, you will probably find ITOYA’s “helvetica” collection immensely satisfying without ever getting tired of using it.