Nel drip set by Oji Masanori





When it comes to methods of coffee brewing, the variety is simply immense. Within the arena of pour over coffee alone, the mind and effort needed for learning all the different ways and associated professional knowledge, as well as for the necessary repeated practice, might already rival that for studying a double Bachelor’s Degree.

My top favorite store in Taiwan, funfuntown (放放堂), organized an exhibition earlier on featuring works of Masanori Oji and Reina Ono called “Nijyumaru”. Among the exhibits, I noticed an impressive cloth filter pour over coffee set called NELCCO, which is produced by Fuji Royal and designed by Masanori Oji.

Until the mid-20th century, flannel cloth had always been used as a filter to brew coffee with a pour over. The cloth is distinguished for its ability to retain a richer amount of coffee oil in the coffee. However, since the process of using the cloth filters was too complicated, it once disappeared from view after modern paper filters were invented. However, quite a few cloth filter pour over enthusiasts can still be found in Japan, such as the late Muneo Morimitsu, who used to run Coffee Bimi in Kyushu. For many years, Morimitsu had spared no effort in promoting cloth filter pour over coffee. One day, he stumbled upon a bottle opener from the FUTAGAMI series by Masanori Oji, and he could not stop loving it after using it. He eventually decided to invite Oji to design a durable cloth filter pour over coffee set.

NELCCO is completely handcrafted and handmade, boasting an all-in-one metal structure with a filter cup that has 13 dripping holes. Not only the slanting angle of the bottom stand but also where to place the holes are decided based on precise calculations. As shown in Morimitsu’s demonstration video, brewing only requires attaching the cloth filter to the bottom of the filter cup and pour in water generously. There is no need to do such things as pouring in a circle nor controlling the dripping. A cup of aromatic coffee rich in coffee oil will be ready in three minutes. NELCCO manages to eliminate as many complicated procedures as possible so that ordinary people can also enjoy the pleasure of making a cup of cloth filtered coffee.