Paper straws

Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten


曾入選為日本LOHAS DESIGN大賞第三回提名名單,一盒三十根的中川政七商店「紙吸管」,其以樸實的棕色再造紙包裝,在顧及到包裝本身的減碳之餘,也使包裝與內容物的素材統一、營造出使人安心的氛圍。而之所以能夠以紙張做成吸管,秘密在於紙張經過蠟塗層處理,其提供一定耐水性之餘,燃燒起來沒有毒氣、紙張本身也可以完全被分解,飲料喝起來自然也特別放心。



At an age when environmental protection has entered the mainstream, you will probably be heavily criticized for confessing your love for using plastic straws. For this reason, I have never dared to admit this. It is not that I have never thought about getting myself accustomed to using stainless steel straws. However, after trying those, I have found that you cannot bite and chew on them after all, unlike their plastic counterparts. What is more, metal, which is hard and icy to the touch, can hardly compare to the soft and elastic texture of plastic. It was not until recently, when I discovered the “paper straws” made by Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten, that I had spotted a possible chance to redeem my sins.

Having been nominated for the Third LOHAS DESIGN Award in Japan, this package of thirty “paper straws” from Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten’s  is made of recycled paper in the down-to-earth color of brown, taking into consideration not only the reduction of carbon emission, but also the unity of the package and its content so as to create a sense of harmony and comfort. The use of paper to make straws is made possible by the process of wax coating, which provides it a certain degree of water resistance. In addition, the product does not release toxic gas when burnt, and the paper itself is also fully biodegradable. Armed with this straw, you can drink with peace of mind.

If you come to think of it more carefully, it only takes you at most half an hour to finish a drink, but it will take decades or hundreds of years for a plastic straw to biodegrade. It just does not add up at all. If you, like me, cannot bring yourself to make do with stainless steel straws, then perhaps Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten’s paper straws will present a great opportunity for you to redeem your sins by good deeds.

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