PENCO Tape Dispenser

Desk companion: Industrial tool-style stationery item



Stationery items that carry a retro air have always been popular targets for collection among stationery enthusiasts. As the stationery line under the umbrella of HIGHTIDE, PENCO has inherited its mother company’s style of rich variety, and its defining characteristic lies in its carefully crafted American vintage style.

When it comes to PENCO, I can actually write a feature specifically about it, but I am mentioning this brand because of what fell under my possession while shopping a few days earlier — PENCO’s tape dispenser. Compared to writing tools, planners and diaries which always make new advancements, tape dispenser perhaps is the item garnering the least attention on a catalog. Without a flashy and colorful appearance, they are only spared a glance or two from users when they need to use them. However, PENCO’s tape dispenser arrests your attention. It comes in two sizes and four colors, with a base made of steel. Thanks to its rectangular outline, it radiates a style of industrial design, and there are holes at the bottom for mounting it to the wall. After I bought it a few days ago, it has been sitting beside my computer, becoming a brand new decoration at my desk, and I never seem to be tired of staring at it.