Victoria Scandinavian Soap

A brand recognized by the Royal Swedish court.

最近發現了這個始於1905年的品牌Victoria  Scandinavian Soap,原本只是一家位於瑞典赫爾辛堡的家庭式工場,以生產天然肥皂為主要產品,自1924年便獲得瑞典皇室認證,其從上世紀營運至今,已經是瑞典家傳戶曉的百年品牌。上面這塊Victoria肥皂,是我最近在生活雜貨店裡找到的「Lanolin-Agg-Tval Facial Soap」,拆開包裝時會飄出一陣淡淡的玫瑰花香,適合作臉部美潔和美顏等作用,其成份中包含羊毛脂,甘油和蛋白;一目了然的成份材料,使用起來也更覺安心。

讀者如果對Victoria Scandinavian Soap感興趣,也可以點進他們網站的「線上博物館」,其館內羅列了他們歷年來的產品包裝、視覺廣告,當中甚至還有一部攝於上世紀20年代,介紹品牌工場與製作流程的黑白影片;是一家相當重視自身歷史傳統的老企業。

Recently I found out about a brand called Victoria Scandinavian Soap, which came into being in 1905. It started out as a family-run factory in Helsingborg, Sweden manufacturing natural soap as their major product. Since 1924, it has even become the purveyors to the Royal Swedish court. Having been in operation from the last century till now, it has already become a household name in Sweden boasting a long history. I recently found this piece of soap by Victoria in a lifestyle goods store by the name of “Lanolin-Agg-Tval Facial Soap”. Once the package is open, a light fragrance of rose floats into the air; this product can be used for facial cleansing and beauty among other purposes, and it is made of wool grease, glycerin and egg white. Thanks to its clear and clean list of ingredients, users can be better assured of its safety.

If you, the reader, are interested in Victoria Scandinavian Soap, you can click onto their web museum, which lists out all the packaging of their products, as well as visual advertisements over the years, including a black-and-white clip filmed in the 1920s, introducing their factory and manufacturing process. It is an age-old enterprise attaching a huge importance to its own history and tradition.