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Apr 24, 2019

Year 2011 - The Great East Japan Earthquake


It had never crossed my mind that a single natural disaster could take away the lives of tens of thousands of people in a developed country like Japan. Complimentary stories abounded of Japanese people’s orderly behavior in the wake of the disaster as well as speedy reconstruction efforts. However, if one ventured deeper into the affected areas, the actual circumstances were poles apart from what had been presented by media outlets. Even though eight years have passed following the earthquake, tens of thousands of victims still live as evacuees in the region, where a lot has yet to be done. Despite the Japanese government’s outstanding efforts in embellishment, how long will it take to completely cure the pain of those who have lost their homes and relatives? The eight years following the disaster have witnessed the number of people dying of solitude increasing significantly by 40 percent. Residents of the Tohoku region in Japan can still feel a dull pain from their wounds.


looking at the photos and reading articles. Each word and sentence conjures up images. An enthusiast of Japanese culture, I would like to leave a record of my own memories of the Heisei Era before the new one begins.

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