Apr 30, 2019

Year 2018 - The finale of Tsukuji


Despite being deemed the best fish market in the world, Tsukuji had to resign itself to the fate in the face of bad weather conditions. Close to 70% of the seafood products rely on transportation by trucks. It did not matter if it rained or typhoon hit but it is vulnerable to snowfall, which causes road blockage and delays in delivery. In short of products, wholesalers will need to press for delivery while securing products from their counterparts. Restaurants serving fresh seafood have to scramble for products from others. It is a big mess. “Nakama”, which means comrades in Japanese, is no longer widely used among the Japanese. However, rivaling wholesalers at Tsukiji still use this term, which is a more intimate term than friends, to address one another. This goes to show that they are proud of being Tsukiji locals.


looking at the photos and reading articles. Each word and sentence conjures up images. An enthusiast of Japanese culture, I would like to leave a record of my own memories of the Heisei Era before the new one begins.

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