The Extraordinary Purifying Power

Moheim Tin Canister & Suzugami Tin Plate


“A nice utensil can purify its surroundings. They have the power to bring peace to the disquieted minds,” says the Japanese folk craft master Yanagi Sōetsu in his book The Philosophy of Folk Craft. To him, the beauty of utensils lies in their ability to make people stop and focus on understanding and appreciating their charm.


Tinware, by nature, can purify liquid. It would not come as a surprise to know that they can also purify the surroundings. Water and wine taste exceptionally refreshing when being served in tinware, it also serves as one of the best containers for storing tea leaves. Tin canister by the Japanese brand Moheim uses a high-density material that can protect the tea leaves from the effect of moisture and sunlight, making it ideal for maintaining the quality of the tea. The minimalist design and smooth surface make the canister a beautiful decoration to the tea table. Handmade by experienced artisans, the tin canisters are of supreme quality. Similar to leather, which gets more and more charismatic along with aging, tinware also gets more graceful after being used.

除了純化雜質,錫器還有柔軟、傳熱性強的特點。百年老字號的昇龍工房,本是以製作寺院用的錫鈴而聞名,近年把製錫的工藝應用於生活用具上,品牌旗下的Syouryu製作出如紙般薄的「Suzugami 錫紙」碟具,更是把錫的特質發揮得淋漓盡致。以「冰雨雪」為主題的碟具,工匠使用不同的工具,錘打出飄雪、五時雨和冰霰的紋理,為餐桌添上詩意盎然的氣氛;加上透過工匠以鐵鎚反覆敲打、折曲和打磨後,錫紙成為可輕易屈曲,卻不會損耗的碟具,令使用者可按需要來改變錫紙形態,以盛載不同的食物。明亮又樸實的錫紙當作首飾盤和捲起來作小花瓶也不錯,冰冷的外表好像冰塊一樣為周遭降溫,這就是能使人平靜下來的良器。

In addition to the purifying capabilities, tin wares are also known for their elastic properties with high heat conductivity. The century-old workshop Shimatani Syouryu Koubou first started out as a manufacturer specialized in making orin bowl gongs for Buddhist temples since its establishment in 1909. In recent years, the workshop is devoted to applying the tin-making techniques onto homewares. The brand Syouryu is then born to be dedicated to the production of Suzugami, which means tin paper in Japanese. As its name suggests, the product is thin like paper and freely malleable. The characteristics of tin are greatly manifested. By using different tools, the craftsmen hammer out patterns of snow, rain, and hail to add a poetic touch to the table arrangement. The repeated banging and polishing also make the tin so thin that one can easily bend into desired shapes for different types of food, without worrying the material would get worn off. The bright yet rustic tone of the tin paper is also ideal for holding accessories, or you can also roll it up to use as a vase. The icy look of the tinware is also a great apparatus to bring a cool vibe and in turn peace to people’s mind.

Moheim Tin Canister    MIDWAY  G/F, 132B Keelung Street, Sham Shui Po

Suzugami Tin Plate   HOW  3/F, Block AB, How Ming Factory Building, 99 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Kowloon  28051108