The Mobile Life

Nissan NV300



If your job does not require you to be at a particular location during the designated hours and allows you to pick your working hour and location freely, what would you choose? In the mountains? By the sea? Would you go to a deserted wood or a park crowded with children? In the digital age with extensive internet coverage, mobile office has become a working mode much yearned for. However, for professions that require a large set of tools and equipment such as carpenters, the idea of mobile “office” would be quite impossible then. The automobile manufacturer Nissan has recently unveiled a new mid-size van NV300 that has made a mobile carpentry studio possible.

NV300最大的賣點是它龐大的車廂,以及附設的全新供電系列Nissan Energy Roam。這個可以抵抗任何惡劣天氣的電池,以太陽能發電,儲存下來的電力,足以推動任何小型電動工具。為了令NV300的概念更為顯淺易懂,日產在發表NV300時,特意將之改裝成為一輛設有木匠工房的車子,車廂內設收藏材料的架子、工作桌、門上用以掛起各種工具的架子等,設備應有盡有。當然少不了電腦、座枱燈、電動木材切割機及打磨機等可以靠Nissan Energy Roam來發動的機器。

The main selling point of NV300 is the roomy compartment, as well as the integrated portable battery solution called Nissan Energy ROAM. It is a weatherproof power source that can be recharged using a solar panel, making it a portable battery solution for mobile professionals to power their electrical tools and equipment. To better convey what the Nissan NV300 Concept with Nissan Energy Roam can do, Nissan has presented a specially designed van fully kitted out as a mobile workshop for woodworking. Tucked in the compartment is a system of wall-mounted tool storage that comes along with a workbench as well as racks to hang all kinds of equipment. To complete the fully functional setup, the system includes a computer, working lamp, electric woodcutter and polisher, which are all powered by the Nissan Energy Roam solution.


The carpentry studio is only one of the proposed concepts presented by NV300. With such a reliable power system, setting up a mobile apartment or a mini exhibition hall in a car is no longer a dream.