The Weight of Handwritten Words

Reclaiming the Pleasure of Handwriting


日本殿堂級文具品牌MIDORI旗下最具代表性的系列MD PAPER PRODUCTS™踏入十週年,本地生活用品店LOG-ON繼台灣後舉行第二個海外MD PAPER PRODUCTS™十週年展覽,並發售10款不同頁面設計的限量筆記本、限量書套及連書架的套裝,上面均印有十週年的紀念標誌,設計簡約實用而不花巧,以寛葉樹為原料的紙張柔軟細膩,寫起來別具質感。

The majority of us has somehow given up writing with pen and paper for other handier methods. Calligraphy has nevertheless re-gained its popularity in recent years. When writing by hand is no longer a practical means of communication, the activity of writing itself has become more of a pure pursuit of its pleasure and liberal nature.

MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ is one of the most representative series under the renowned Japanese stationary brand MIDORI. To celebrate the products’ 10th anniversary, the local variety store LOG-ON is hosting a MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ 10th anniversary exhibition, the second time for the event to be hosted overseas after Taiwan. A special box collection of 10 notebooks with uniquely designed pages and jacket will be available for sale. All of these notebooks are printed with the 10th anniversary logo. The minimal and practical design is complemented with paper developed with cotton pulp that brings a soft and fuzzy texture. Writing on paper of such high quality is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience.

除了一系列紙品和文具,展覽將展出四位用家演繹的MD Notebook,包括MD PAPER PRODUCTS™製作人Chika Takahashi、香港書法家Kalo Chu、馬來西亞手帳達人Pooi Chin和居日本的插畫家Adrian Hogan,體現筆記本不同的可能性,充滿心思的創作不禁讓人駐足良久地欣賞。是次展覽更引入日本最具人氣的「紙張秤重銷售」活動,提供多款不同尺寸的紙張以重量計算形式出售,另類購買紙品的體驗令書寫的過程變得更有趣。

On top of paper products and stationery, the exhibition will also showcase a set of unique MD Notebooks that are reinterpreted by four users including the MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ producer Chika Takahashi, the Hong Kong calligrapher Kalo Chu, Pooi Chin from Malaysia who is famous for his love for notebooks, as well as Adrian Hogan, the illustrator who is currently residing in Japan. Their use of the notebook demonstrates its wide scope of possibility which is fascinating to see. The exhibition will also feature a “sold by weight” event that is very popular back in Japan. Visitors can choose paper products of different size and pay according to the total weight. Such new experience with buying paper would surely be interesting to everyone.

MIDORI與LOG-ON的獨家聯乘,以時間管理工具為題的MD Notebook x Chorondex筆記本。Chorondex取名於「Chrono(time)」及「dex(index)」之意,是實用又兼具創意之作。

LOG-ON ToGather  九龍塘又一城UG層01號舖 2736 3866

MIDORI has a crossover with LOG-ON to produce MD Notebook x Chorondex, a notebook that is themed around time management. The name Chorondex is created by combining “chrono-” which implies time and “(in)dex”. Like its name, the notebook is a product that is both practical and creative.

MD PAPER PRODUCTS™ 10th Anniversary Exhibition
Date: 1 September – 14 October 2018
LOG-ON ToGather Shop 01, UG, Festival Walk, Kowloon Tong 2736 3866