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The Colors of Spring

Kanoko Polo from 45R

四月是萬物復甦的月份,在日本也是櫻花盛開的季節。古代的日本人認為,櫻花是神仙停靠的地方,讓冰雪消融、大地恢復生機,使人們可以種植和獲得糧食。一年裡如此特別的月份,對日本品牌45R來說,也是別具意義的。在4月5日、一年一度的「45の日」展開的45R Week,帶來33種色彩的Kanoko Polo系列,香港店會備有其中的22種色調,如嘉年華般繽紛清爽的顏色,感謝及慶祝春回大地、平凡而美好的日子。系列以大自然的色彩為靈感,活潑生動的大地色調,讓我們重新感受大自然之美。

Kanoko Polo系列選用舒適自然的蜂巢面料,帶自然光澤的頂級Supima有機棉及全人手採集、乾爽透氣的南非津巴布韋棉(Zimbabwe cotton)等物料製作,無論在什麼天氣下穿起來,布料的親膚感都讓人舒適自在。

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除了多種鮮明色彩,Kanoko Polo系列還備有不同的款式,如經典版型的Polo上衣、闊身剪裁的Horse Polo、長身的 Polo Dress,還有長袖的、短袖的,像大自然般千變萬化,每個人都能找到適合自己的Kanoko Polo。

45R的副社長及主設計師井上保美小姐把經典、簡單又百搭的Kanoko Polo變化出多達100款的清新造型,整潔優雅的上班服、清爽活潑的假日造型,或是中性爽朗的休閒裝扮⋯⋯不分年齡、性別、打扮風格都能享受Kanoko Polo的無限穿搭可能,體現創意和個性,同時為生活增添色彩和樂趣,成為城市裡的一道春日風景。

April is the time when all things come back to life. It is also when cherry blossoms bloom throughout Japan. The ancient Japanese believed that cherry blossoms were where the gods settled in, during which snow would melt, spring would return, and the people could grow and harvest once again. This special time of the year also means a lot to the Japanese brand 45R. On 5 April, the brand launched the 45R Week campaign which includes the introduction of the Kanoko polo series. With 33 vibrant and refreshing colors available in this nature-inspired series, the Hong Kong store will stock up to 22 variations for customers who want to rejoice and celebrate the return of spring in lively and vivid earth tones.

The series comes with various designs that are made of either the lustrous and natural Supima organic cotton with soft touch or the hand-picked Zimbabwe cotton with remarkable breathability, making them great for all weathers and offering a pleasing freshness and comfortability.

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In addition to a wide range of colors, the Kanoko polo series contains various designs including the classic polo, loose-fitting horse polo, and long polo dress that are either long or short sleeved. The wide range of choices is like the ever-changing natural world where one can always find colors and designs they love.

Yasumi Inoue, the executive director and head designer of 45R styled these classy, simple yet versatile polos with items from the brand’s essential line and created the 100 Kanoko Coordinates that includes one hundred outfits in various styles that are good for the workplace, holiday, or leisure. The Kanoko polo series provides infinite possibilities for people, regardless of their age, gender, or style, to showcase their creativity and personality via vibrant colors while bringing joy and delight into the city life.

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