A Drop of Gold Shining on White

Sacai x Astier De Villatte

從來美的東西不需要太複雜,也不需要色彩繽紛和花巧裝飾,就如Astier De Villatte的瓷器,只使用單色白釉,偶然加上歐洲洛可可的典雅裝飾於線條簡潔的瓷器上,散發一種不刺眼、卻又能把目光牢牢地攝住的氣質。在原來的黑色胎土上,配上不均勻的白釉,在起伏不平的瓷器上顯得特別有質感。設計師Benoît曾說,開始時他沒有使用這種白釉,有人跟他說,瓷器的顏色很漂亮,但卻不知道該如何配合用餐。於是,他創造了能盛載任何食物的白色,同時也能配合任何的餐桌,在哪裡都能融合於環境中,使瓷器變得更沉實耐看。

正因如此,Astier De Villatte的產品可塑性高,最近與日本品牌Sacai走在一起時,也能協調一致。Sacai的解構設計令Astier De Villatte變得更有趣味性,加上金色手柄在原來已有手柄的杯子上,閃閃發光的金色的手柄與粗糙不平的杯身形成對比,為簡潔古典的風格帶來新鮮感。系列中的香氛蠟燭放在房間中散發幽幽的清香,用完後更可以當杯子使用呢!

Beautiful things can be simple without too many colors and adornments. This can perhaps explain the allure of the white ceramics by Astier De Villatte. Using a single white color with a minimalistic application of elegant yet simple Rococo style drawing, the pottery series exudes a subtle but captivating temperament. Starting with black terracotta, each piece is finished with a milky glaze that amplifies the uniquely rustic character of the clay. The designer behind the atelier, Benoit, once said that the signature milky glaze was actually not an option in the beginning. However, after hearing more people complaining about how hard it is to match serving pieces with the right food, he just painted all his pottery white. Its subtlety creates a classic look which can go well with all kinds of food, tables of all styles, and can blend into all kinds of atmosphere.

The wares by Astier De Villatte are, therefore, highly adaptable. Its recent collaboration with the Japanese brand Sacai is just another example of such harmonic coherence. The delightfully deconstructed ceramics designed by Sacai have successfully brought out the playfulness of Astier De Villatte. The gold-dipped handle contrasts with the rough texture of the classic body and results in a whimsically refreshing mashup. The scented candle from the same series is a great complement to fill your rooms with glorious home fragrance. The container can even be turned into a mug after use!

Sacai x Astier De Villatte scented candle $2,600

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