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Faux Fur-Trim Hat by UNDERCOVER


在Stanley Kubrick經典電影《2001太空漫遊》的主題下,UNDERCOVER的秋冬系列繼續走向自由無重的狀態。系列中以飛機師帽作為原型的帽子就能體現這種自由、不安份的個性。帽側保留了飛機師帽標誌性的毛毛裝飾,並混合了cap帽小巧的帽型,改用較短身的鴨舌,感覺更年輕時尚。另外,帽的表面採用混合絲及打摺的細節,亮滑的布料散發一陣優雅高貴感覺,與街頭、男性化風格的帽型形成了強烈對比,這種不安份的設計猶如和穿者開了一個玩笑,提醒我們時裝就是來表現我們矛盾又真實的個性。

Have you ever experienced the strange harmony by juxtaposing two objects of extreme properties together? Japanese designers are renowned for their clever tricks in deconstructing and recomposition. In that field, Jun Takahashi is undoubtedly an expert by bringing together vastly different elements together as he constructs designs that are sometimes eerily beautiful or cute series with a dark touch. Such ingenious contrast never fails to stimulate sensations and leave a lasting impression.

Jun Takahashi had referenced Stanley Kubrick’s cult film, 2001: A Space Odyssey for an exclusive Fall/Winter collab. In search of the weightless state, the design of the faux fur-trim hat is based on the aviator hat which expresses the brand’s free and restless characters. The iconic earflaps lined with fluffy fleece on the side is retained to resemble the signature detail of aviator hat, while it blends in playful elements of a cap to feature a short visor. As for the materials of the hat body, mixed nylon is used to go with the folding pattern. The smooth fabric exudes an elegance that is in stark contrast to the ordinary boyish hats in streetwear. Such edgy design is a humorous remark to remind us fashion is exactly the channel to express our contradicting but genuine characters.

UNDERCOVER Faux Fur-Trim Hat $1,880

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