A Frying Pan That Lasts for a Lifetime

Frying Pan JIU

隨著年紀增長,衣櫃的承重量慢慢放緩,倒是鍋碗瓢盆像細胞分裂似地,漸漸囤滿我整個廚房。每每到要開伙時,看著滿坑滿谷的廚具都不知從何入手,我都會後悔買得太多太衝動。如果讓我重頭來過,每樣廚具只挑一個,例如是只選一隻平底鍋的情況的話,我大概就會購入上頭這隻Frying Pan JIU。

由東京雙人設計團隊Tent設計,Frying Pan JIU最大的賣點在於它既是鍋子,同時又是盤子。開伙時與一般平底鍋無異,煮食完畢準備要開動時,只要輕鬆地把原木手柄卸除,那就是一隻現成的盤子。不僅可以減低佔物空間,更能省去多洗一隻碗的煩惱,非常適合當代都市人的生活型態。

As I grow older, my wardrobe slowly regains its storage capacity. Yet on the other hand, my pot and pan collections grow like dividing cells, and as such are gradually filling my entire kitchen. Whenever I cook and see those shelves full of cooking utensils, I feel as though I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to utilising them and I always regret buying too many on impulse. If I could start over again, I would only pick one of each kind, for example, if I am only allowed to pick one frying pan, I would buy the Frying Pan JIU.

Designed by Tent, a design duo from Tokyo, the Frying Pan JIU prides itself as both a frying pan and a serving plate. It functions as a normal pan when used for cooking, yet when the cooking is done and it’s time to serve, you just need to detach the natural wood handle with a simple slide and it becomes a serving plate. Not only does it reduce storage space, you could also save the trouble of washing an extra dish; it is very suitable to the lifestyle of contemporary city dwellers.

當然Frying Pan JIU不僅設計優勢,造工也相當紮實,找來有70年鑄造經驗的大阪工廠Fujita Metal生產。以厚軋鋼鱗片打造而成的平底鍋,能同時在明火和電磁爐上使用,非常適合無法決定灶頭款式的租屋族。不過第一次使用前,要先進行簡單的開鍋作業,在用洗碗精清潔乾淨後,先煮沸一鍋水,倒掉後擦乾加上食油,妥妥裹好整隻鍋子後再燒,直至冒出白煙方止。最後擦乾所有剩油,就完成基本的開鍋工序,一次上手沒有難度。

Frying Pan JIU有S和M兩種尺寸,可以按家庭人數需求選購,另外手把也分為山毛櫸與胡桃木兩種。基本上不會刮花用壞的好材質,要一隻平底鍋用到老,也不是什麼天方夜譚。

Frying Pan JIU not only features high-quality design, it also has a solid structure as it is casted by Fujita Metal, a long-established iron factory in Osaka with 70 years of casting experience. Made from thick-rolled scale steel, the pan is compatible with both stovetops and induction cooktops which is ideal for the perpetual renters who don’t get to decide on stove style. However, before using it for the very first time, you need to season your cast iron pan. To begin with, you need to lightly clean it with dishwashing liquid and then boil some water in the pan. Then pour the hot water away, wipe the pan dry, and then spread some cooking oil over it. Put the pan back on the heat and let it sit until it produces white smoke. Lastly, wipe away the oil residual and the seasoning process is completed. It’s so simple that you can master this seasoning skill on your first try.

Frying Pan JIU comes in two sizes, S and M, which means you can choose the pan that’s right for you according to your family size. In addition, all sizes are available with both beech wood and walnut wood handles. Produced with such high-quality iron material that it’s basically resistant to scratches, it proves that a frying pan can indeed last for a lifetime.