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Fuoripista Bike by Adriano Design

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疫情留家的時間漫長,許多人因為日子過得太無聊,不小心就練成了第二專長,像是做菜和打毛衣,也有些人沉迷在拼圖和模型,不過數到最多人進行的留家活動,始終離不開居家健身。近日義大利單車用品品牌Elite,就委託Adriano Design設計了一款健身單車,結合科技和多媒體技術自然不在話下,但最提起人們興致,還是它奢華的用料和外形。

由Adriano Design設計的Fuoripista Bike擁有最上乘的用料,輪子以透明玻璃打造,支架則使用櫸木為主要材質,避過健身器材一向予人的功能主義觀感,煥發出一種復古未來的況味。而來到各個部件的材質,挑選時也是一絲不苟,像單車的手把和座墊均選用真皮,讓用家騎上時有一種奢華的使用體驗。然而不要以為它只徒具外表,Fuoripista Bike不僅由專業運動員測試,更能夠記錄用家在健身時的各項資訊,回傳至網絡,幫助用家時刻進步突破自己。而這內內外外的上好規格,就是為了讓健身器材也能登上殿堂,成為奢侈品一般的存在。隨著運動風氣越來越盛,加上疫情的助燃作用,像這樣的奢侈健身和運動器材,恐怕在未來的市場上也會越來越常見。

We are spending a considerable amount of time at home nowadays due to the pandemic. The stay-at-home boredom has inadvertently resulted in a lot of people mastering a new skill or two, such as cooking, knitting, doing jigsaw puzzles or building models. Among which, exercising might well be the most popular home activity. Recently, the Italian cycling accessories brand Elite commissioned Adriano Design to design a bike trainer that incorporates performant technologies with multimedia features. Yet, the most stunning thing about the bike trainer would be its luxury outlook and high-end construction.

Constructed with the most premium materials, the Fuoripista Bike is equipped with a glass flywheel and beech hardwood frame to avoid the utilitarian look that is so often associated with exercise equipment, while bringing a contradictive futuristic and retro look to the design. Speaking of the high-end materials used to create and enhance the bike, one definitely notices that the handlebars and saddle are upholstered in genuine leather giving  riders a truly luxurious experience. Nevertheless, the Fuoripista Bike is not merely visually pleasing. It was tested by professional athletes and can monitor the user’s performance data as well as connecting them with an online community for motivation. The refined construction of the Fuoripista Bike is a luxurious silhouette that blends seamlessly into the modern household. As exercising becomes a habit to many during the pandemic, more and more high-end sports equipment similar to the Fuoripista Bike will likely hit the market.