Cozy Little Nightlight

Hollow Light by Hayo Gebauer Studio

hollow light



這一盞來自德國柏林Hayo Gebauer Studio的小夜燈「Hollow Light」,弧形的底座上,平躺著一個圓椎形的燈罩,燈罩的兩端中空著,又隱約地漏出輕柔的光暈,如像一座發光的雕塑般,點亮著人們的夢鄉。在經歷一整天的疲憊,準備上床入睡之際,如果有這麼一盞的小夜燈,讓我們期望著每次捻亮它的時刻,伴隨著溫暖入睡,並會期待著這盞小夜燈,將會在夢中把我們引領到何處去。

Compared to teenagers who often pig out at all-you-can-eat restaurants, grown-ups usually opt for quality over quantity. They value not just the exquisite food experience, but also the restaurant’s atmosphere. Such attention to detail and personal taste define the coming of age; and I reckon it is not only about food, but can also be related to other aspects of life.

For many families, a nightlight is a rather dispensable item in the household. It is not bright enough for the living room, nor is it a good choice for lighting up the reading room. The best and probably only place that it fits would be at the bedside where it can create a cozy atmosphere in the room to prepare you for a good night of sleep. Some might wonder, is it worth it to spend money on a nightlight for that mere 30 minutes before bedtime? But hey grown-ups! We surely do need that little luxury to pamper our tired souls.

Designed by Berlin-based Hayo Gebauer Studio, Hollow Light is a small-sized nightlight that has a glass cylinder top and a solid base where a recessed light source is housed. The glass cylinder is in fact hollow and acts as a diffuser for the light coming from the base, casting soft atmospheric light and bringing a sense of comfort into the room. I imagine switching on this cozy little nightlight next to my bedside after a long day, and wondering where it will lead me to in my dream.