Million-selling toothbrush

Kanaya Brush

Kanaya Brush2


Early humans not only mastered the necessary skills to make fire, they also invented teeth-cleaning tools; and while we modern humans mainly use toothbrushes made with nylon bristles to clean our teeth, our ancestors were way more creative. The Arabs used twigs. The Chinese used little brushes with bristles made with pigs’ or horses’ hair. Animal bones and feathers were also used by early humans to maintain dental hygiene.

Kanaya Brush1



Established in the Taisho era in Asakusa, Tokyo, Kanaya Brush has been producing brushes made of natural materials for more than 100 years. Among their vast variety of brushes, the toothbrush made of horsehair is the most sought-after item from the brand, and as such has been crowned the “million-selling toothbrush.” The horsehair bristles of this popular toothbrush are neither too hard, nor too soft. They feel comfortable and elastic on the teeth which makes them perfect for cleaning as well as preventing gum recession. The three sets of toothbrushes on the top left and right of the photo are in size large and small. Those colorful tiny ones at the bottom are for children. Regardless of color and size, they all look simple and beautiful.

In addition to toothbrushes, Kanaya Brush has over 300 other kinds of brushes that take care of almost every aspect of your cleaning and beauty routine. This includes items for face cleaning, bathing, makeup application, and even brushes for massaging the scalp. Basically all of the brushes you can imagine can be found in Kanaya. I suppose it’s not too much to call it a “brush museum”?