Let’s Play with Hermès



Hermès今年以「Let’s Play」為年度主題,幽默玩味的設計鼓勵人們打破界限,一起盡情玩樂!品牌相信玩樂是流動的、自由的、具想像力的、夢幻的、誘惑的、明亮的;哪裡有玩樂,哪裡就有希望。或許這樣說有點誇張,可是,玩不但帶來快樂,也能增強創意力和生產力。Hermès把玩樂主義巧妙地結合時裝與生活,並貫徹其優點——優質的用料、精巧的工藝和幽默的設計,時刻為百年經典品牌注入年輕活力。



It is time to reinterpret the idea of playing.

Playing is not exclusive to children. It should be of equal importance as work, family, and life. One should not feel guilty about playing. Playing is not a luxurious activity, it is, instead, essential to our everyday life.

Having “Let’s Play” as the theme of the year, Hermès uses humorous and playful designs to break through the boundaries and create a playground for everyone. The brand believes playing should be interactive, creative, magical, tempting, gleaming and free from restrictions; playing should have the power to bring hope to people. Regardless of how exaggerating this may sound, it is undoubtedly true that playing does not simply make one happy but also sparks creativity and productivity. Hermès skillfully blends the concept of play into fashion and lifestyle without sacrificing any of the brand’s strength, including their high-quality material, sophisticated craftsmanship, and playful design. Since the brand was founded almost two hundred years ago, the team has continuously vitalized the classical brand with youthful energy.

Hermès adapts a “work hard, play harder” attitude when creating mini-games. The dice game that comes with a deck of Yahtzee score sheet they launched for this season is a good example. It is a simple but challenging game, which is perfect for a group of friends. The beautifully designed set has dices in maple marquetry and a wool felt mat. When the dices are rolling on the iconic orange mat, they would bounce elegantly without making any noise. After finishing the game, the set can be kept in the delicate bridle leather case that the dices seamlessly fit into. Valuing the importance of playing, Hermès elevates the presentation of games to another level that they become satisfying to look at.

Don’t forget playing has always been a part of our inborn nature.

Declick Dice Game $7,600

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