Little Love from PORTER CLASSIC

在日本東京的Amuse Museum正在舉行開館10周年、名為「Boro Real Astonishment」的特別展,當中展出攝影師都築響一關於Boro的攝影作品和民族研究學者田中忠三郎於青森縣的村落蒐集得來的Boro布藝品。展覽不但展示了日本珍貴的傳統拼布文化和工藝,同時也在歌頌Boro文化的美好,粗糙、不完美的布藝品正體現了日本人尊重和珍惜物品的精神,與現今的消費主義正好形成了對比。

同樣地珍視傳統的Boro文化的PORTER CLASSIC,把藍染、刺子和縫補拼貼等傳統的工藝注入現代元素的服飾之中,更成為了一股新的潮流。即使看似平平無奇的針織冷帽,加上由刺子繡演變出來的裝飾針步,不同顏色的棉線在帽子上遊走,自由又隨意;舊日的強補成為了Boro文化的象徵,也是一種藝術的體現。品牌更把碎布製作成小巧精緻的頸鏈、耳環和匙扣等,把原本無用的碎布製作成漂亮的裝飾物,隨意的針步和披口予人親切溫暖的手工藝感,並傳遞著職人的小小心意。

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Tokyo Amuse Museum is now hosting a special exhibition titled BORO Real Astonishment. The exhibition showcases a series of photography on the Boro fabrics by Kyoichi Tsuzuki, as well as Boro fabrics collected by Chuzaburo Tanaka, the Japanese folklorist, from the villages in Aomori Prefecture. Visitors can take a good glimpse of the valuable Japanese patchwork culture and craftsmanship, through which they can experience how the Japanese treasures the roughness and imperfection of the Boro patched textile. Such an attitude that respects and cherishes commodity marks a stark contrast with the contemporary consumerism.

Porter Classic is a Japanese brand that demonstrates the appreciation of the traditional Boro culture by integrating traditional techniques like indigo dyeing, Sashiko stitching and patchwork into their designs, and successfully made these elements fashionable once again. For instance, the typically shaped beanie is given an unconventional look with the ornament of Sashiko stitching using threads of various colors. Patchwork with worn fabric is one of the distinctive features of Boro culture too, it can also be seen as a form of art. Porter Classic took an extra step to turn rags into pretty accessories like necklaces, earrings, and key holders to fully show the beauty of the somehow useless scraps of fabrics. Knitting without an algorithm, along with the mother-like craftsmanship vividly delivers the passion of the artisans.

H/W Knit Beanie $1,480

Necklace $580, Earrings $250, Keyring $280

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