Brass that lasts a lifetime

Makers Cabinet


這一系列由品牌Makers Cabinet帶來的黃銅文具系列,分別有一把圓規「Iris」、一個鉛筆削「Høvel」,以及一把摺疊式直尺「Stria」,黃銅的經典外型是加分因素,然而設計團隊不僅是相中材料的外觀,同時得益於黃銅本身的重量,令你在使用這些文具時,雙手可以更穩定,圖畫起來也更得心應手。

Brass has a unique mesmerizing power; even though it is not as strong as titanium, nor as stable as stainless steel, its stunning vintage color deceives people into believing it has an incomparable durability that’s lacking in other metals.

Makers Cabinet has created a series of brass tools which includes the Iris drawing compass, Høvel pencil sharpener, and Stria folding ruler. The solid brass body has a heavy, satisfying weight that adds extra beauty to the elegant form of these classic tools. What’s more, the good weight of the brass assures stability in drawing.

同時間,品牌也標榜其產品可以用一輩子,這句聽來熟悉無比的話,屢屢被用在不同品牌的宣傳語句中,然而Makers Cabinet倒是來真的,在每個產品的頁面中,除細心講述設計的靈感與經過,更細心列出保養、清潔產品的教學。如像他們網造上,品牌自我介紹的頁面中寫到,他們在設計每個品項的同時,都會把保養和維修的環節計算在內,是真正想讓你把產品用上一輩子的良心品牌。

One might think Makers Cabinet’s vision in “creating beautiful products that last a lifetime or more” is merely a marketing statement, but the brand is definitely trying to live up to that standard. Their devotion to designing long-lasting products is captured on their website with detailed product descriptions, stories of design inspiration and process, as well as instructions on care and maintenance. The brand also emphasizes that caring for the tools starts when they are crafted and their products always come with a built-in right to repair. All in all, aren’t these thoughtful products something you want to use for a lifetime?