Rattan Outdoor Cookware




Founded in 1945, Matsunoya is a celebrated and well known name to those who are big fans of lifestyle products. The family-run business, which is currently in its third generation, sells household products that are crafted with natural materials such as bamboo, cogon grass and wood. Among their variety of products, the tableware and containers carry no unnecessary polishing but simply showcase the simplicity and craftsmanship of aramono (see note below). As for the product featured in this article, it is not a typical Matsunoya household product meant for normal daily use, but rather, a set of pots and utensils that are designed for cooking in the wilderness.

The set of five includes three pots with rattan handles in large, medium and small sizes, and also two dining plates in large and small sizes. Made with anodized aluminum, the set is corrosion resistant, light weight and has high thermal conductivity. Even though the set comes with five pieces, it is easy to carry around as you can stack the pieces like Russian stacking dolls. The nicely woven rattan handles are the most visually appealing part of the pots. Besides its anti-scalding nature, the rattan softens the coldness that is normally associated with aluminum designs, and it brings along a sense of simplicity and warmth. Despite being designed for the outdoors, this set of cookware fits well with the definition of aramono in terms of its simplicity and craftsmanship.


Note: Matsuno Hiroshi, the third-generation owner of Matsunoya, uses the word aramono to describe the miscellaneous items we use daily. Aramono originated from a Japanese dialect and it is used to describe an object at its rustic and raw state without any processing or polishing.