Anbi kettle

Noda Horo




Enamelling is the process of applying a glassy coating on the surface of metal. The most common application of enamel coating includes kitchenware, bathroom fixtures, and medical equipment. Compared to other widely-used materials such as ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel, enamel often comes in brighter and more vivid colors that catch the eye of the vintage enthusiasts. One might think that enamelling is a rather recent invention from the last century; but the fact is enamelware was made since the third millennium BC.

Noda Horo is an enamelware maker from Koto ward, Tokyo that has been producing enamel products since 1934 (Showa 9). For over 80 years, Noda Horo’s meticulous crafting standards and unique, stylish designs have made the brand a household name in Japan. The Anbi kettle shown above is a design by the renowned Japanese industrial designer Komin Yamada who is famous for his kitchenware and tableware designs. Yamada’s work was curated by the MoMA in New York as well as the Museum of Modern Art in Toyama, Japan. The Anbi kettle has a gorgeous body that combines three basic shapes together — triangle, square, and circle, and  when beams of light fall on the glassy kettle surface, the light reflecting in different directions is simply stunning. Whether you are making tea or pour over coffee, the delicate spout of the Anbi kettle can ensure an optimal water flow. All in all, the Anbi kettle is not only beautiful to look at, but is actually great for making that perfect cup.