The Peace of Mind from Yesteryears






Does everybody have a new planner to ring in the New Year?

You might think nobody uses a physical planner to write down their appointment anymore, since we can use our phones for the job. But, think again.

Handwritten planning has its charm too, perhaps it may not be as practical, but the sense of ritual is incomparable. Every time the tip of a pen glides on smooth paper, you can plan out and record your work and sentiments without any distractions of mobile notifications. This habitual action gives users a subtle peace of mind, and it is exactly why some people still “go retro” with their pen and paper to make notes and plan their day.





Noritsu Techo Planners first launched in 1949. It was originally only for members of the Japan Management Association. Beginning 1958, the association started selling in retail, and the planner became a nationally popularized item. The planner is currently “middle-aged”, from traditional annual calendar, monthly notes, and weekly notes, to weights and measures conversions and JR map, it offers formats that current notebook products do not.

The greatest attribute of Noritsu Techo Planners has to be the texturized touch of old school stationary. From the solid black faux leather cover with gold stamped year, cream coloured pages, to the gilded edges, every detail exudes nostalgic elegance. In terms of size, the Noritsu Techo Planners come in basic and small pocket sizes. The former gives more room for writing, the latter is more portable. Both come with 174 pages for you to record down your exciting year.

The planner has been kept the same ever since its launch. Some might think there is no improvement, but I believe in the contrary. In our ever-changing world, we have to adapt constantly. Occasionally something old school and consistent give you that peace of mind, just like when you meet up with an old friend. Why not welcome this New Year with a sense of familiarity and positivity?