See the Mountain, See the World

Bandanna from 45R

離開屬於海洋的春夏,遠征長年白雪皚皚的高山,讓人期盼著走過高山之後,會是另一道美麗的風景。「山」是45R今季的主題,除了使用蘇格蘭雪蘭羊毛(Shetland Wool)製作厚實溫暖的衣服,也罕有地推出防風防水功能的尼龍外套來呼應登山的主題。不過,最直接的方式還是把山的面貌和民族圖騰描繪在一塊手帕之上。

Bandanna(大手帕)是45R的恆常產品,工匠以人手印製的模式生產。今季以「山」為主題,手帕上的圖案也是圍繞著山而行。被白雪、泥土包圍的喜馬拉亞山、山上的奔跑的馬兒,在幾何圖騰的原始畫風下,彷如古老王朝裡的壁畫,而對比的用色令圖案更鮮明有趣。另外,令人印象深刻的還有以日本著名的俳句詩人種田山頭火(Taneda Santoka)的詩為靈感的「Winter Picture Book」系列。有放浪詩人之稱的種田山頭火創作的詩,常流露出與自然合而為一的生死觀,以及獨自旅遊時的見聞和想法。大手帕上的圖案就是延續旅遊詩中的旅程,把世界由南至北、西至東的描畫出來,成為了一本記載冬天的畫冊,溫暖地、詩意地呈現眼前。

Departing from the summery ocean, we will set off to the high mountain that is covered by snow all year long. What kind of landscape is awaiting on the other side of the mountain? The Japanese brand 45R has picked “mountain” as the seasonal theme for their winter collection. Apart from the substantial and warm garments made of Scottish Shetland wool, the brand is also launching a lesser-expected nylon jackets series which is both windproof and waterproof. The mountain theme is well presented by the collection. But the brand knows very well that the most direct presentation is to depict the mountain scenery and tribal totems on a handkerchief. 

The hand-printed bandannas are one of 45R’s most popular products. To match with the season’s theme, the brand has launched a collection of bandannas with mountains related prints, including the Himalayas covered with snow and soil, and horses racing in the mountains. The primitive style of the geometric patterns reminds one of the wall paintings from some ancient empires, thus making the joyful use of colors even more playful and interesting. Another series not to be missed is the “Winter Picture Book” series. It took inspiration from the renowned Haiku poet Taneda Santoka, whose solemn observations on the natural world explores the isolation of a lone wanderer. The pattern on the bandannas is meant to be an extension of the journey depicted in the poet’s works. Different corners of the world are illustrated, and the fabrics are thereby turned into an album of poetic stories for the winter.

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