The aesthetics of coin purses

Arts&Science Triple Gamaguchi Purse


這樣的話,松浦先生會不會也喜歡Arts & Science把三個零錢包連在一起的設計呢?把不同面值的零錢分門別類,付錢時更方便輕鬆,錢大人也定必住得舒適自在。這讓我想到以往去旅遊時,總是在付錢時感到很糾結,在難以快速地分辨一堆硬幣的情況下,也只好一下子全倒在掌心上,然後逐顆檢視它的面值,讓人在收銀枱面前感到很笨拙。當看到這個零錢包時,立刻想到正好可解決這個非常瑣碎的煩惱呢,而且容量一下子增多了三倍,還可以把耳環、戒指和髮夾等小物整齊地收納好。蛙嘴式的袋子是Arts & Science長青的款式,柔軟啞緻的皮革用久了也依舊是熟悉又柔軟的質感,加上蛙嘴式的金屬開口和三個零錢包連結著的設計,復古中帶點解構主義的色彩,用多久都不會看膩,討好得想與它成為一輩子的好朋友。

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The idea of using a coin purse is inconvenient to some people who would rather carry coins around in pockets in trousers or in the little pouch of wallets. Such habits remind me of Yataro Matsuura’s book Daily 100, in which he introduces his favorite everyday items and outlines his philosophy of life through these objects. For instance, he talks about his preference for changing a new wallet every two years. Its design has to be sleek and made of durable leather of premium quality, since money would never get into a wallet that looks old and tattered. It is also crucial to always keep your wallet tidy and organized without unnecessary cards and receipts, and every banknote should have the same side facing up. Additionally, it is recommended to always carry a coin pouch. Such insistence is the basic etiquette to build a friendly relationship with money, which Matsuura respectfully addresses as “Master Money” (in Japanese 御金樣). If your money can get by comfortably, you would never need to worry about it.

In this sense, I wonder if Mr. Matsuura would be fond of the way the Japanese brand Arts&Science stitched three coin pouches together? Such design allows coins of different denominations to be separated, making it more convenient as you pay. “Master Money” should also live comfortably this way. Everyone should have the experience of pouring out all the coins on your palm at the cashier, embarrassingly trying to tackle the impossible task of picking out the right coins one by one. This is especially true when you are traveling in a foreign country. When I saw this coin purse, I felt blessed to know there is finally a solution to my misery, which is trivial but true. What makes it even better is that now you have triple the capacity, so you can put all your earrings, rings and hair clips into one place tidily. The cute sack shape is a signature of Arts&Science. The delicate leather is durable to ensure its soft texture will remain familiar to the owner after prolonged use. The purse opening features a metallic clip that gives a vintage touch to the carefree design. You will never get tired of using it because you will likely see the coin purse as a loyal companion. 

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