The freedom of running barefoot

Toes Shoes by Loewe

Jonathan Anderson一直追求自由隨性的設計,他領導下的LOEWE亦被濃厚的藝術氛圍所感染。由2017年起舉辦每年一度的LOEWE工藝獎,為世界展示當代手工藝的美麗景致,尤其是身處講求快捷效率的數碼年代,這些承載創新價值與精湛技術的工藝品更顯珍貴,當中不少入圍藝術家的作品更成為Anderson的靈感泉源。例如今年春夏季時裝展的會場上展出LOEWE工藝獎的入圍藝術家Joe Hogan的大型田園風織籃,Anderson更把其編織概念融入手袋系列之中,無論是草織藤袋、有質感的皮革編織或是手工感的鉤織花朵設計,都是既實用又充滿藝術氣息的工藝品。


Jonathan Anderson is always pursuing designs that showcase freedom and spontaneity, he also infuses LOEWE with a rich dose of artistic air. Since 2017, LOEWE craft prize has been held annually to demonstrate to the world the beautiful world of contemporary craft. In the present digital era, where speed and efficiency rule, craft products that boast innovative values and exceptional skills have become ever more precious. Quite a few shortlisted creations have contributed to Anderson’s source of inspiration, such as the huge willow basket woven by Joe Hogan, an artist and finalist in the LOEWE craft prize, which has been displayed at the 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Show. Anderson has incorporated its weaving concepts into his handbag series. Whether it is the grass rattan bag , texture-rich designs with woven leather or crochet flowers that carry hand-made qualities, they are without exception craft products which are at once functional and full of artistic air.

Apart from his handbag series, Anderson’s shoe designs also demonstrate his pursuit of freedom and craft, with the most impressive ones being his 3D toes sandals adorned with “jewels” and his embroidered toes slippers, which boast delicate and exquisite designs. After putting them on, it was as though you had a pair of legs of an exotic tribe, allowing you to be connected to the soil without any constraints and to savour the freedom of running barefoot. Through such humorous and funny designs, Anderson appears to be joking with us, telling us that it is not necessary to do things in haste but rather to express your freedom by adopting an attitude blending spontaneity, a bit of self-confidence and humour.

Embroidered Toes Slippers $6,000 (right)

Leather Toes Sandals $6,450 (left)

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