The Natural Balance

Drunk Elephant


肌膚與心靈一樣,在原始、平衡的狀態下才是最好的狀態。來自美國的小眾護膚品牌Drunk Elephant相信「Skin is skin」,我們無需把皮膚歸邊分類,去使用為不同膚質而設的護膚產品,相反地,我們應該去掉一切不必要的成分,如矽、化學防曬劑、致敏的色素和香料、酒精等容易導致皮膚敏感的源頭,皮膚在重置後,能夠發揮本來的功能,尋回久違了的平衡狀態。

產品除了沒有多餘的成分和不做動物測試,當中加入了創辦人Tiffany Masterson最喜歡的馬魯拉果油,更因為它的神話而把品牌名命為Drunk Elephant。傳說中的南非大象愛吃馬魯拉果實,吃下去後果實會發酵成為酒精,使大象像喝醉般東歪西倒地行走。這讓人會心微笑的畫面,與簡約而色彩鮮艷的瓶蓋互相呼應,同樣與人愉快的感覺,而且彩色瓶蓋不但把產品的功能分門別類,讓人易於辨認,同時採用了真空避光設計,能防止空氣或細菌進入,以確保品質不會因使用的日子久了而受到影響。

因為純天然的成分更易使皮膚發炎,Drunk Elephant使用天然與人工合成的配方,如維他命B5、蘋果和西瓜等萃取物,加強肌膚自身的修護能力;清爽滋潤的質地令皮膚在口罩的重重包圍下,仍能保持著的高濕度而不油,讓毛孔自由地呼吸,自然地回復最好的狀態。

A pandemic hit unexpectedly. At first we were overwhelmed, but soon enough everything became familiar: wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining social distance. Day by day, we slowly but gradually become accustomed to such a routine. As with life, it can’t always be good, sometimes bad days happen; and when things that we can’t change occur, we might as well make peace with them. The same applies to skincare; our skin becomes sensitive and fragile after a long day under a mask, shouldn’t we find another way to better take care of it?

Skin and soul, they are at their best in their most natural and balanced state. Drunk Elephant, a niche skincare brand from the US, embraces the idea of “Skin is skin”. They believe that there is no need to categorize skin types, nor to conform oneself to use certain kinds of skincare products that are designated for their specific skin type. On the contrary, we should eliminate all unnecessary ingredients such as silicones, chemical sunscreens, allergenic fragrances and dyes, and drying alcohols that are likely to cause skin irritation. When skin is reset, it will return to its healthiest and most balanced state, and will be able to perform again its intrinsic function. 

In addition to taking away all the unnecessary ingredients and animal testing, Drunk Elephant founder, Tiffany Masterson, has added her favorite Marula oil into the entire skincare line. Matter of fact, she’s such a fan that she even named the brand after a myth about Marula fruit. The name Drunk Elephant is rooted in a myth that says the South African elephants love to eat the fallen Marula fruit, and once eaten, fermentation takes place making the animal tipsy and walk like they’re inebriated. The amusing myth echoes perfectly with the simple yet colorful packaging of her products. The eye-popping colored bottle caps not only categorize each product’s functions, they are air-tight and light-proof which can help prevent air or bacteria from entering the bottle and in turn ensuring product quality doesn’t diminish over time.

Knowing that natural ingredients are more likely to cause an allergic reaction, Drunk Elephant formulates with both natural and synthetic ingredients, such as vitamin B5 and apple and watermelon extracts to enhance the skins’ self-repairing ability. The refreshing and moisturizing qualities help to keep your skin highly moisturized and oil-free; even after a long day under the mask, the skin can breathe freely and be able to naturally return to its healthiest state.