Wear a Pin of Statement

Line pin by Arts & Science


自從別針承載年輕反叛、勇於表現自我的精神後,每一支別針都變得不一樣,尤其看著Arts & Science這支用鹼土金屬鈹(Beryllium)製作的別針,質料堅硬而輕巧,纖長的外表感覺精緻;像生鏽般的粗糙表面上,印上高底不平的「ARTS & SCIENCE」,猶如字母在跳著輕快的舞步,隨意又不拘束。彷彿把別針扣在衣服、帽子或袋子上,就能低調和優雅地連結不妥協的自我起來。

Safety pins may look understated, it is, however, a rather ingenious invention. The sharp needle can easily pass through fibers and piece different kinds of fabrics together. The safety pin has a long history as an essential hallmark of the punk movement in the 70s, thanks to its versatile ability to hold together ragged, ripped clothing and to affix patches celebrating the punks’ favorite bands to their old leather jackets. Since then, the ordinary safety pin fast became a symbol across the realms of politics, music, and fashion. In recent years, some Americans even began wearing safety pins on their chest as an outward showing of solidarity for marginalized groups — a small beacon to oppose Trump and the values he campaigned on.

Ever since the safety pin acquired the new status as an emblem of individualism or even rebellious youth sometimes, safety pins of different designs can be easily seen. This safety pin by Arts & Science is made of beryllium, a solid hard but light material that in turn gives the product a sleek look. On the rustic surface, the tag “ARTS & SCIENCE” is roughly engraved in a way that the alphabets appear to be tap-dancing. The lighthearted approach makes it easy to just pin it on your clothes, hat or bag as an elegant but a subtle statement of your inner non-conformist.

A&S Line Pin $650

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