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Brass made wind chimes


Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Ian Tsang





Wind chimes are very common commodities in Asian countries. In Japan, it even serves the purpose of driving away evil spirits. By attaching wind chimes to the doors or windows, ordinary households can protect their homes from evil spirits. Furthermore, on sizzling summer days, it was as if the crisp chimes of the bells were sending out waves of cool breeze which somewhat blew away the summer heat in your mind.  

Established in 1916, Nousaku is a metal casting company based in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture in Japan. It started out by mainly manufacturing Buddhist altar settings, and tea and flower ware. Boasting exceptional craftsmanship and skills, Nousaku has been designing products suitable for today’s society. Their wind chime series offers a new interpretation of this traditional product from the perspective of lifestyle fashion.

Made of brass, the wind chimes in the series boast transparent metal wire drawing patterns on their surface and come in a wide variety of designs, including some in round, horn or triangular shapes, and others combining various geometric shapes. There is even one shaped like a UFO. However, its most attractive feature is actually its own melodious sound which brings you tranquility and refreshing coolness.

Apart from brass products, Nousaku also excels in making tinware. Their purely tin-made “bendable products” were once selected as Toyama’s representative brand on the recommendation of the prefectural government. Readers interested in Nousaku’s products can visit their homepage for browsing their amazing lineup of products.