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Pustefix Magic Bubble Bear

Creating That Split Second of Bursting

Words & Photography / 夏侯露茜


你知道嗎?形容美夢破滅,英語有一句說法是:「to burst someone’s bubble」,戳破對方的肥皂泡。對你來說,這樣子應該是絕對難以承受的殘酷事情吧。一直以來,你的肚子滿滿盛著肥皂水,只要我把你的紅帽子摘下,用指頭輕按你的肚皮,一顆吹泡泡棒便會緩緩自你的頭頂冒起來。然後,只要我用力吹氣,一群肥皂泡便會從無處湧現。至於戳破肥皂泡的這項動作,也應該是所有小孩最最期待的活動 —— 他們會咯咯笑著仰面觀看陽光灑落肥皂泡面透出的彩虹幻光,急步追著快要升空遠去的氣泡,小小手指熱切地揮動,碰一碰能否有成功戳破的運氣。


Dear Bubble Bear,

In English, there is a saying: “to burst someone’s bubble.” It means to destroy someone’s dream. I guess this must sound like an unbearably cruel thing to you. Since the day you were born, you have been carrying a belly full of soapy water. If I take off you little red hat and use my finger to gently press your tummy, a bubble wand will slowly rise from your head. And if I start blowing, a bunch of soap bubbles will emerge from nowhere. As for the simple action of poking the bubbles, it must be the most anticipated activity for every child – he will giggle while watching the sunlight emits rainbow colour on the bubbles’ surfaces; as he chases them, his little fingers will eagerly strike to see if he has any luck in succeeding to make them disappear.

Maybe that’s it. One comprehension of having a child, for me, is to patiently re-build a childlike heart, and gracefully accept the popping sounds as the bubbles burst.

Pustefix Magic Bubble Bear