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The impression of the city.

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Translation / Ian Tsang



Travelers’ impressions on even the same city can vary. Among them, some will choose to climb a hill to look down from the top at the myriad of twinkling city lights; some will head to the seaside, from where they look across the sea at the high-rise buildings, both old and new standing next to one another; some others will just wander randomly on the streets, and after making their way out of the sea of cars and crowd, and subsequently passing through unfamiliar alleys, they spot, finally, around a corner, an unknown building that intrigues them.

Founded by Megumi Takami, a Japanese designer based in Hong Kong, Ciaolink specializes in producing city portraits of Hong Kong. Among those depicted are Victoria Peak, Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan, Victoria Harbor, as well as the imagery of Chinese signboards cramped closely together. In terms of materials, Ciaolink uses a type of paper developed by Muji’s art director Kenya Hara that evokes images of snow and ice, and boasts a texture similar to that of cotton fiber. With heat and pressure, the paper instantly shows transparent embossed patterns. Such a characteristic, coupled with Ciaolink’s delicate strokes, turn the memories and impressions during your travel into vivid representations.