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Daily pick of flowers and grass

Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi and his wildflower calendar

Words / Ron Lam




June comes and unfolds the rainy season. The high humidity unexpectedly brings to the street delightful surprises, as foxgloves, oxalis, Japanese iris and Dianthus superbus blossom together along the sidewalk. Wildflowers and wild grass bring great vigour to the dull and repetitive life; their presence seems to have the power to brighten the dreary rainy season.

Appearances of plants change in different months and seasons. The painter Tetsuhiro Wakabayashi spent a whole year picking up flowers and grass from the street to create a plants calendar. The homey calendar has dates of collages of wildflowers and weeds that pair with handwritten months. The plants were all picked up by Wakabayashi during his stroll. While the task was relatively easy during warm springtime, it could get very challenging to look for suitable plants when the roads were covered by winter snow. During wintertime, he had to pay extra attention and be exceptionally alert to spot beautiful plants.

Wakabayashi did not specify day of the week in his plants calendar, therefore it can be reused every year. A torn page from the calendar alone can as well be an elegant poster on the wall.