⟨ Moments ⟩

Dec 19, 2016

Suki Lui

Photography / Suki Lui

Suki Lui,從事電影與商業攝影。諷刺地,是對靜像的熱情,驅使她研習攝影與繪畫。對她來說,攝影就如日記,能夠捕捉稍縱即逝的瞬間。為了引發思考、安撫不安,她繼續透過顏色與質感,分享自己對心理研究、以及人與自然的關係的探索。她喜愛所有迷人的東西,主要是世界上的人和奇怪的事,而最重要的,是做夢。

Suki Lui works in the film and commercial industry; ironically it is her passion for still images that drives her to practice photography and painting. Photography, to her, serves as a form of diary keeping for capturing fleeting moments. With the goal of provoking thought and tackling uncomfortable issues, Suki continues to share her passion for the study of psyche and the relationship between human and nature through color and texture. She takes fancy to all fascinating things, mostly people and strange happenings in the world, most of all – to dream.