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Dedicate to water and its changing states

Renli Su SS18

Words / Jas Tse
Translation / Iris Heung


她想做出讓人穿著自在的服裝,希望人們可以隨意地穿著她的衣服去做任何他們喜歡的事情。Renli Su是一位生於中國,現居英國的服裝設計師。在幼年時期與青春期裡,她用了大部分時間在繪畫、學習色彩理論和油畫上,然而長大後便想把這些東西用在別的領域上。




“If someone can’t eat a nice meal, can’t run for their bus, I feel my design isn’t good.” Su’s words reminded me of the shoes the models wear in most of her product shots — plimsoles, sandals, ballet flats, or even just go barefoot.

Su wants to make comfortable clothes, clothes that can make people feel completely at ease anytime, anywhere. The London-based designer was born in China; during her childhood and youth, she spent most of her time on drawing, learning about color theory and oil paintings. After she’s grown up, she just so wanted to apply he r knowledge to other fields.

Su also incorporated her interest in fashion history into her design. Adding elements of the eras that she fancies into her design is perhaps a way that allows her to get closer to that certain era. Can such “connection” serve as a motivation that drives her to keep creating new works? Su said, “Of course, I like to feel closer to history during my design process. By so we could learn much more about the big events of history. But my deep interest lies in the little moments, the daily life, the personal stories. I like to design with a feeling of empathy for other humans, no matter whether today or in the past. I like that the immersive experience of clothing, that gives me the chance to tell a story without words.”

Wearing different clothes can give you a different personality that can last as long as you are still in that particular outfit.

In her 2018 spring/summer collection, the asymmetrical light tangerine color dress in crepe fabric carries a clear resemblance to the Antelope Canyon. This observation seemingly aligns with Su’s explanation of her works saying, “Nature influences my designs very much! I love getting inspired by organic shapes, colours, and patterns and try to link them with the story I want to tell. To me the beauty of nature lies in its variety and playfulness. There are no rules, yet everything has a natural harmony. The tangerine and pink colours in the SS18 collection were inspired by sea creatures that we found during our water related research. Specifically the insides of clams have these incredibly vibrant tones of orange, peach, and pink. I liked the idea of something hidden in the deep blue sea can have the warmth of a sunset.” She once mentioned “water” is a recurring theme that she found in her previous works. In her spring/summer collection, apart from exploring the concept of water and its ever-changing state, it also deals with the state of human beings. Clothing is an extension of human body that connects one with the outside world, it is as well a medium through which a person expresses their different faces. Water turns into different states according to the surrounding condition, Su also gives clothing the ability to help manifest people’s different states of mind. This is perhaps the rationale behind her design.