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Expressions of glass

Unformed Glass by Ouur

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Ian Tsang

從2011年辦刊至今,《Kinfolk》儼然是慢活精神的代表刊物,內容囊括藝術設計及生活領域,演繹出一種極簡的愜意生活態度。三年前品牌團隊跨出媒體領域,另創生活設計品牌Ouur,主動參與時裝、生活商品的生產角色。而既為《Kinfolk》團隊衍生的品牌,Ouur的商品不例外地標榜著天然材質,以及極簡的設計哲學,像我最近逛街時發現的「Unformed Glass」就是一顯例。

驟眼看去,「Unformed Glass」好像與一般玻璃水杯無異,然而系列中每隻水杯的形狀各異,箇中理由是「Unformed Glass」均以人手燒製,並且不加工具塑型,只賴以離心力調度每隻水杯的寬度和孤度,帶來無數變化,卻始終澄明透徹的表情。另外當你握住水杯時,會發現每隻杯子的孤度,都剛好可以貼合手的握位,無痕地將實用功能融入到設計之中。


Since it was first published in 2011, Kinfolk has been recognized as the representative publication for the slow living spirit. With its content covering both art design and lifestyle, it showcases an approach to life that is minimalistic yet satisfying. Three years ago, the team of this publication ventured out of the media field, and established a separate lifestyle design brand named Ouur, which plays an active role in making fashion and lifestyle products. As a spin-off from Kinfolk, Ouur designs products that stress upon the philosophy of minimalism and the use of natural materials. A case in point is the “Unformed Glass” I stumbled upon while shopping.

At first glance, “Unformed Glass” appears to be no different from any drinking glass. However, in fact, every glass in the series has a different shape because “Unformed Glass” are hand-blown without using tools for moulding but solely relying on centrifugal force to adjust each glass’s width and curving, giving birth to glasses with a rich variety of expressions without compromising on their crystal clear outlook. Moreover, when you hold the glass in your hand, you will find that each one is curved in a way that perfectly fits the hand grip, seamlessly blending functionality into its design.

3/f, How Ming Factory Building, 99 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong