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Hibi 10 minutes aroma

Aroma for everyday use

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Iris Heung

進入全球化的廿一世紀,不少的地區性傳統工藝正面臨轉型壓力,前陣子介紹的FEDECA小刀不過是這現象中的滄海一粟,至於這次報導的「Hibi 10 minutes aroma」氛芳火柴,則是在日本兵庫縣上集合兩家老牌傳統工藝企業,並經由設計工作室重新包裝,推出到市面上的新生代工藝品。

由設計工作室Trunk Design為居中者,「Hibi 10 minutes aroma」結合了火柴的模樣、線香的功能,而之所以有這樣的搭配,是因為其結合上「大発株式会社」、「神戸燐寸株式会社」這兩家企業的工藝技術而成。前者自1936年創立於淡路島,一直專注生產線香產品;後者則位於隔壁的姫路市,創立於1929年,以火柴生產為己任。儘管兩家企業都是歷史悠久的工藝代表,可好景不常,「神戸燐寸株式会社」正面臨著火柴產品被淘汱的窘境,「大発株式会社」在新時代也必須積整開拓西方市場,而這在Trunk Design的穿針引線下,兩家企業於2011年相遇上,並經過三年研發時間後,帶來眼前的「Hibi 10 minutes aroma」。


Globalization in the 21st century has brought about new pressure for regional traditional handicraft to transform and evolve — FEDECA pocket knife that we introduced earlier is merely one among the many cases. The “Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma” matches in this feature is a handicraft of the new era that is jointly produced by two traditional manufacturers from the Hyōgo Prefecture and given a nice rebrand by a design studio.

With the design studio Trunk Design as a bridge, “Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma” is an encounter of matches and incense sticks. It is a story collaboratively written by the technique and craftsmanship of Daihatsu Co., Ltd. and Kobe Match Co., Ltd. While the former is an incense manufacturer founded in 1936 on Awaji Island, the latter is a match manufacturer that was founded in 1929 in the neighboring Himeji. Despite the long history and the renowned status in the industry, the two manufacturers failed to continue thriving. Kobe Match Co., Ltd. was frustrated by the fading demand for matches, Daihatsu Co., Ltd. had no choice but to explore the western markets. Trunk Design connected the two together in 2011; with 3 years of trial and error, “Hibi 10 Minutes Aroma” was finally created.

The brand name “hibi” means “daily” in Japanese. It was given in the hope of making the product a companion for everyday life. Open the matchbox, light the match by striking it brings 10 minutes of fragrance lingering in the air that temporarily gives the surrounding a tranquil relief.