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Lockwood Umbrella

Traditional craft from the new generation.

Words / Phaedrus Lam
Illustration / Furze Chan
Translation / Ian Tsang

海島型氣候詭橘多變,靄霧和梅雨,形成英國的冷調風情,也造就出英國雨傘工藝的盛景。由 Brigg、Swaine Adeney Brigg、James Smith & Son到Fox Umbrella,隨手拈來都是逾百年的品牌,當中每個都謹守由維多利亞時期傳承的技法,其造工精緻至極,也難怪大家說雨傘之於英國人,除遮風擋雨外,更是出門在外的時尚配飾。

相較於上面提及的名字,Lockwood Umbrella是個年輕得多的品牌,由Edward Gucewicz、 Moses Manley這兩個曾在James Smith & Son共事的新生代創立。Lockwood Umbrella吸收了傳 統英國雨傘的品質與工法,以之為基礎,生產出外形簡約、結構一體成型的長直傘。

不同於雨傘界巨擘們的作法,Lockwood Umbrella不設實體店面,鼓勵顧客上網跟他們訂製,像是傘柄採用的實木材質就可以細分成橡樹,楓樹和栗樹等,另外的手把、傘扣和布面也有多樣搭配選擇。而若果嫌原木訂製款太厚實和沈重,還可以考慮他們的「SUPER SLIM」款,在兼質高品質的同時加入輕質材料,每把重量不過400克,拎著它出門時俐落輕鬆、端莊依然。

Island climate is unpredictable and ever-changing. Foggy days and the rainy season have contributed to the cool tones in Britain, and have also indirectly led to the boom of umbrella craft in Britain. From Brigg, Swaine Adeney Brigg, James Smith & Son to Fox Umbrella, there is no lack of brands boasting a history of more than a century. Each brand has dutifully upheld the techniques passed on from the Victorian period, resulting in highly sophisticated craftsmanship. Unsurprisingly, it is said that the British use umbrellas not only against the wind and the rain, but also as fashionable accessories.

Compared to the brand names mentioned above, Lockwood Umbrella is much younger and is jointly established by a duo from the new generation, Edward Gucewicz and Moses Manley, who used to work together at James Smith & Son. The have absorbed the quality and techniques of traditional British umbrellas, which they use as the foundation for producing straight, long umbrellas which have both a simplistic design and an integrated structure.

Unlike the big names in the umbrella sector, Lockwood Umbrella has not set up any brick-and-mortar shops, and encouraged their customers to place their orders via the internet. For example, for the handle, there is a choice of hardwood from oak, maple and chestnut trees, and there is also a wide variety of grips, fastening straps and fabric to choose from. If the made-to-order hardwood designs are too rigid and heavy for your taste, you may consider their “SUPER SLIM” design, which manages to maintain a high quality while throwing in some lighter materials. Each one of them weighs less than 400 grams, and is easy and light to carry around without compromising on its elegance and charm.