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Evolving Visions of Travel

Objets Nomades in Hong Kong by Louis Vuitton

Words / Elva Pang
Translation / Iris Heung

當談及Louis Vuitton,總離不開旅行。由一個旅行箱起家,實用、多變又不失精緻,內裡更是滿載夢想和驚奇。好像是集旅行箱與睡床於一身的Bed Trunk和如小型衣櫃般的Wardrobe Trunk等,都是經典又叫人大開眼界的設計。這些嶄新的發明亦曾伴Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza、Marquis de Morès和Jacques Faure等探險家走遍世界,為小小的旅行箱添上傳奇色彩

The brand Louis Vuitton can somehow always remind people of the spirit of travel. First began as a trunk manufacturer, the brand’s practical yet stylish trunk came in a great variety and different compartment designs. Looking at their iconic Bed Trunk and Wardrobe Trunk that can be transformed into a bed and wardrobe, one can be easily convinced how their trunks have become a symbol of dreams and surprises. The innovative Louis Vuitton trunks have also accompanied renowned explorers including Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, Marquis de Morès and Jacques Faure on their journeys around the world, which give the little practical cases a legendary story to tell.

Objets Nomades | Home of a Traveller

建基於這種不斷探索與創新的精神,Louis Vuitton於2012年推出傢具系列「Objets Nomades」,有遊牧民族的物件之意,遙相呼應Louis Vuitton的品牌基因。系列以旅遊為靈感,融合了世界頂尖設計師的創意及工坊精湛的工藝,把看似遙不可及的「旅遊」和「傢具」連結起來,使旅行中的冒險、探索與想像一拼帶到日常生活之中。

To make their adventurous and creative mind known to a broader audience, Louis Vuitton launched its furniture collection Objets Nomades in 2012. The name itself is the French word for “nomadic objects”, which seems to be a great move to resonate with the brand’s DNA. Inspired by the idea of travel, the collection brought “travel” and “furniture” together as a joint effort of the world’s top creative minds and the finest craftsmanship. The courage and creativity one needs in a journey can now be part of the everyday life one enjoys at home.

一如其名,Objets Nomades如遊牧民族般遊走各大城市,今年是連續第二年於香港展出,選址於充滿文化氣息的大館前中央裁判司署,並由國際知名的Joyce Wang Studio佈置場地,讓人猶如走進電影的場景之中。宏偉的建築空間配上拱門、大門和壁龕等,巧妙地襯托Objets Nomades的前衛與精緻,予人無限的想像空間。

The Objets Nomades collection has been traveling around the world like a nomad since its first launch. The inspiring furniture collection is coming to Hong Kong for the second consecutive year. The new collection will land at the Former Central Magistracy at Tai Kwun, a venue that is so rich in cultural and historical value. With a scenography created by the internationally acclaimed Joyce Wang Studio, visitors are invited to enter a film set-like atmosphere — a majestic architectural space matching fine details like the arch door, the colonial style entrance, and the niches that set a perfect backdrop for the avant-garde elegance of Objets Nomades.

Raw Edges’s Dolls Chairs | Humorous・Unique・Joyful

今次將率先展出屢獲殊榮的設計師組合Raw Edges的Dolls椅子,由底座、椅背和座位三部分組成,造型簡潔、用色鮮明,予人深刻印象。包裹布料或皮革的底座最能體現精巧細緻的工藝,而人手繪畫的椅背更提供訂製服務,不但表現其創意和靈活性,更繼承旅行箱以個人化設計為理念的百年傳統。椅子貫徹Raw Edges幽默、獨特的個性,設計能點亮周遭的環境,令心情也跟著愉快起來。

This year, Louis Vuitton will showcase the latest collaboration Dolls Chairs with Raw Edges studio. The minimalist design that comprises of three elements – the base, the shell, and the seat, is well complemented by lively colors, which are certain to leave viewers with a vivid impression. The exquisite craftsmanship has been fully demonstrated by the fabric, leather and the solid wood base, whereas the hand-painted shell can even be customized upon order. Raw Edges’s Dolls chair is a product of ingenious flexibility that can well be an extension of the history of customization that Louis Vuitton began over a hundred years ago with their trunks. The chair surely carries the humorous and unique style of the Raw Edges design that never fails to brighten up the surrounding vibe.

「椅子從不同文化及民間工藝中汲取靈感,透現人文氣息,而每張椅子的裝飾也為它賦予獨特的涵義。」Raw Edges說道。

“Inspired by culture and folk craft, the chairs can be configured with a subtle human touch; the way we dress them gives each chair its unique context,” as told by Raw Edges.

Atelier Oï Serpentine Table|The Elegant Choreography

除了Raw Edges的Dolls椅子,全新登場的作品還有Atelier Oï設計的Serpentine桌子和Atelier Biagetti的Anemona桌子。Atelier Oï受到傳統舞蹈複雜而流暢的動作所啟發,巧妙地於Serpentine桌子上演繹重量與張力。在斜邊玻璃的桌子下,製作精緻的藍色皮帶把平滑的美國胡桃木枱腳固定,形成互相交錯、亂中有序的設計;不同物料連結在一起,既富時尚特色,也不失和諧感。Serpentine桌子備有大餐桌和茶几款式,枱腳可摺起方便收藏,體現了Objets Nomades系列講求功能和靈活性的一面。

Apart from Raw Edges’s Dolls chairs, other new objects for this year include Atelier Oï’s Serpentine Table and Anemona Table by Atelier Biagetti. Inspired by the complex and free-flowing movement of traditional dances, Atelier Oï tried to apply the weight and tension in their Serpentine Table. The beveled glass top is supported by a base of smooth American walnut tree legs held tightly together by finely worked blue leather straps; together, they form an intersected but organized structure. Their use of different materials is stylishly harmonic. The Serpentine Table is available as a large dining table or a coffee table, the two designs both come with foldable legs. The easy storage of the object is unquestionably a good answer to the practicality and flexibility of Objets Nomades.

Atelier Biagetti|The Wave of Freedom

以旅行為靈感的Objets Nomades系列,總是少不了大自然的元素。Atelier Biagetti創作的Anemona桌子就是以探討人與大自然和現代社會之間的關係為主題。設計師把餐桌結合象徵自由的海洋,餐桌由橢圓型的玻璃枱面配上餐桌座而成,餐桌座的線條猶如不斷起伏的海浪,表現大自然狂野的力量和廣闊無盡的空間;外面以閃爍的金色包裹著通透的深藍,散發大海神秘莫測的魅力。彷彿能超越空間和時間限制,讓我們能於餐桌旁無拘無束地享受珍貴的相處時光。

Nature is a recurring theme seen in the travel-inspired Objets Nomades collection. The Anemona Table by Atelier Biagetti is a good example that explores the relationship between nature and our modern society. The table is created to represent the image of an unrestricted ocean — glass-topped object features a rippling base with a blue interior and soft beige exterior, shaped like a fierce wave, the table is how the designers see the mysterious and powerful charisma of nature. The object can transcend the restriction of time and space, it allows its owner to freely enjoy all the precious moment with their loved ones.

今次亦會展出Les Petits Nomades小型擺設,同樣體現Louis Vuitton對複雜工藝與破格創新的堅持。走進古蹟場地,猶如踏上新奇又驚險的旅程,予人滿滿的靈感。有興趣的朋友可在這裡登記入場參觀。屆時將設有導賞團,亦可由即日起至4月1日於《香港旅遊指南》下載。

The Objets Nomades collection will as well include Les Petits Nomades, a range of smaller decorative items that portray the brand’s love for sophisticated craftsmanship and groundbreaking creativity. The collection brings viewers to a charming, inspiring, and novel adventure that is never short of fascination. To reserve your ticket, please visit here . Guided tours will be organized at the presentation during this period. Complimentary downloads of the Hong Kong City Guide will also be available from now to 1 April 2019.

Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades|Hong Kong

Date:23 March to 31 March 2019
Opening Hours:10am-11pm(Friday and Saturday)、10am-9pm(Sunday to Thursday
Address:Block 9, Central Magistracy, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central