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Memory and Scent

Aroma Hut by Pull + Push Products

Words / Ron Lam
Translation / Iris Heung

回憶裡混著各種氣味,兒時居住的鐵皮屋的畫面,總與水溝與苦茶的氣味結伴浮現;想起婆婆那長期陰冷的房間,便莫名嗅到一陣薄荷油香。氣味捉摸不定卻刻骨銘心,它們大都不請自來但也能刻意營造。由日本Pull + Push Products創作的House Incense Pot及Cottage Incense Pot,便是為你傳送香氣的器具。

Pull + Push Products的創辦人佐藤延弘本身是建築師,當他在製作這些香薰小屋時,也採用了建造房子常用的物料——砂漿。在木造的砂漿模俱之中,注入液態的砂漿,凝固以後,砂漿便隱隱約約地留下了木紋,為房子添上豐富的表情。房子的大門以金屬網造成,好讓空氣進入,窗戶則蓋上了彩色或金屬的玻璃。房子看來冰冰冷冷,然而,當你在裡面置下一顆椎型的香薰,燃點以後,白煙自黃銅造成的煙卥裊裊升起,不期然便想起童話故事裡,一家幾口冬夜時圍著爐火的情景。冰冷的房子,頓時變得溫馨溫暖。


My memory is interwoven with different scents: the squatter hut I spent my childhood in always smelt like a mixture of drain and bitter herbal tea; My grandma’s room, which was always dim and chilly, exuded a whiff of peppermint oil. Scent is intangible but everlasting. Despite its untraceable nature, smell can actually be artificially created as well. House Incense Pot and Cottage Incense Pot by the Japanese brand Pull + Push Products are appliances to deliver aroma.

Satou Nobuhiro was an architect before founding Pull + Push Products. This background inspired the use of the common building material mortar when creating his little aroma huts. By pouring mortar into the wooden mold, traces of wood grain remain on the surface of the dried mortar, and give the aroma hut a distinctive character. The hut features a metal gate that allows air to enter; windows of the hut are made of stained glass or metal. The aroma hut may look cold and distant at first sight, but once the lit-up aroma cone is put inside the hut, a cloud of smoke rises from the copper chimney — it instantly conjures up an image of fairy tale, where a family sits around a warm fireplace, spending a cosy time together in a winter night.

The little hut releases the aroma of your choice and fills the room with a pleasant scent. When thinking of the time with family and lover, this aroma will be a lovely companion of the memory. Now close your eyes and feel how it’d smell like when you think about your home?