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Aug 11, 2017

Martin Cheung

Photography / Martin Cheung

張震揚 / Martin Cheung

張氏最為人津津樂道的針孔作品,是將燒鴨轉化為針孔相機,於墨爾本唐人街所拍下的概念性作品 ﹣ Duck Cam – Melbourne (2001) 。
該作更為美國「針孔資源中心」 收藏品之一。

Born in HK 1978, graduated in Fine Arts Photography, works with Camera Obscura, loves Cantonese Barbecue.
Graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne Australia in 2001.
Cheung’s best known work is Duck Cam – Melbourne (2001), a conceptual photographic work which he converted a Roast Duck into a Pinhole camera, photographing Melbourne’s Chinatown.
The work is collected by Pinhole Resource.