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Jul 4, 2017

Topaz Leung

Photography / Topaz Leung

Topaz Leung
Photographer / Studio TM Creative Director

Previously as features editor in City Magazine, Topaz has various experiences in commercial, editorial, fashion as well as art photography. Her commissioned commercial works include prints for HSBC Global, Sony, City Plaza, Arome, One Homantin, Olympus and fashion catalogue photos for brands such as ffiXXed, MADNESS and Madgirl.

Topaz has won the Young Design Talent Award by Hong Kong Design Centre in 2011. She was also selected as the last six finalists in Asia of Surface Asia Avant Guardian Award 2012. She is currently the photographer and creative director of Studio TM.

梁詠珊,生於八十年代獅子山下,畢業於香港浸會大學傳理系,主修數碼圖象傳播。先後加入《Cream》﹑《東Touch》及《號外》擔任文字及圖像工作。曾旅居於倫敦及柏林,現抓緊香港,擔任過電影《志明與春嬌》、《東風破》、《天馬行凶》、《A Espera》、《春嬌救志明》劇照,近期作品有HSBC Global、Sony、太古城、東海堂、One Homantin、Olympus等平面廣告,現於Studio TM擔任創作總監一職。